The Emblossom Gorgeous Print Design

Mojo Design, a Chinese creative design studio, designed the print branding for The Emblossom -- a bar, restaurant and cafe -- and the result is a stunning and sophisticated print design that embraces the identity of the resturant.

The Emblossom Great Print Design

The lettering is in striking black and gold. The gold lettering brilliantly plays off of the black background, providing an excellent contrast as well as complementing the design. The font used for the logo of The Emblossom is curvy, delicate, and eye-catching, and rooted in Chinese patterns. It is sophisticated and elegant, and is surrounded by a gold pattern that gives the entire design a touch of traditional beauty.

The gold patterns and the gold lettering together create a very appealing visual, and paired on a black background, give off a luxurious and enticing feel. It is matched with golden-bronze cutlery, which complements the design perfectly, while also adding charm to the entire set-up. The print design is used on a variety of objects, like glass coasters, cards, menus, and party invitations. Across all the designs, the play between black and gold unites the print, making for a visually exciting experience. Check out the best event and party posters here.

The Emblossom Elegant Print Design

As an establishment in the hospitality industry, The Emblossom’s print design manages to give off an inviting and luxurious vibe, enhancing the design experience. The shapes and spaces are used creatively, ensuring that the design looks symmetrical and aligned. The design is also weighted excellently, creating a great balance between all the patterns used. The texture of the print designs is also very appealing, greatly adding to the print design and enhancing its visual appeal. The tactile element of the print design has been creatively designed, keeping in mind the brand’s identity.

The Emblossom Print Design

In all, The Emblossom’s print design is a great example of branding that embodies the company identity. Creatively designed, it evokes a sense of luxury and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Emblossom is a gorgeous print design in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Luxury industries.