Hedeker Amazing Print Design

Hedeker Wealth and Law, an independent group of companies working together to help people manage their money through every stage of life, oozes contemporary professionalism. By featuring this combination of companies, Hedeker specializes in four major areas of finance—something no one else does. This central idea of their business ensures that they stand out against all other competitors.

Because of this, their branding technique needed to match those standards. Commissioned to redo Hedeker’s entire identity, Socio Design began with the foundation of the entire company: the logos.

The first logo, in navy blue, sleekly depicts the company’s name in a blocked font. Each letter is evenly measured in height, width, and distance from one another. The central “E” is a true middle point, creating a visually appealing design.

Hedeker Elegant Print Design

The second logo takes on a bronze appearance, complementary to the navy coloring of the first logo. The graphic is based on the four areas of expertise the company covers. Hidden within the design is a discrete “H” that represents the name of the company.

Hedeker Clean Print Design

With the two logos as their starting point, Socio Design created a full layout of what they would use to create pieces for Hedeker. The selected color scheme includes brown, gold, navy blue, gray, and white—a regal and highly professional combination. The chosen subfont is complementary to that of the signature Hedeker font, and it offers a combination of capital and lowercase lettering that can be utilized however needed.

Hedeker Print Design

The sophisticated combination of lettering and coloring is utilized across the board in a number of Hedeker’s promotional products. A variety of business cards were designed in varying levels of complexity. Some are simple with only the Hedeker logo placed against a solid background, while others debut more complex information with the embossed graphical logo included.

Everything from Hedeker’s stationery, envelopes, labels, and more were created in varying designs similar to the business cards selected. The combination of designs adds variety to what Hedeker has to offer its clients, but it still manages to show off a level of unrivaled professionalism that consumers can expect to experience with the company.

Hedeker is an amazing print design in the Legal & Insurance industry.