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DesignRush Packaging Design Awards are certifications of excellence in the realm of packaging design. Emphasizing creativity, precision, memorability, unboxing experience, and branding, our esteemed panel of judges, comprised of industry professionals and design experts, meticulously evaluates each entry to find the industry’s creative geniuses. Discover the outstanding packaging designs from our prestigious winners and elevate your work by participating in our competition, garnering the recognition your packaging designs rightfully deserve. 

Packaging Design Awards: Winners of 2023 - 2024

Discover our monthly packaging design award winners

Packaging Design Awards: Winners of 2022

Packaging Design Awards 2022
Cuddly Skin’s Packaging Design

Cuddly Skin’s packaging design masterfully conveys the essence of nature and purity through minimalist beauty. The design captivates with its serene palette where harvest gold meets a gentle gradient.

Central to its allure are the stylized Ginkgo leaf illustrations elegantly adorning the top half of the packaging. The design's eco-consciousness shines through the recyclable material, while the tube boasts a glossier sheen. This harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication earned it an award for packaging design.

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Cuddly Skins Packaging Design
Brave's Packaging Design

The Brave 10-Pack Beer packaging distinguishes itself as a Packaging Design Award winner by blending elegance and enigma. This unassuming package delights with a layer of mystery as it slowly reveals its contents to the recipients.

Each unique can, representing a team member's persona, nestles within a sturdy yet sleek box, promising a captivating unboxing saga. Meanwhile, the uniform yet individualized monochromatic visuals echo the brand's core values.

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Brave's Packaging Design
Everlasting Stories' Packaging Design

Everlasting Stories' packaging design transforms recycled materials into a canvas of sustainable elegance. Eco-friendly concrete is sculpted into marbled slabs, holding candles that merge the raw with the refined.

The packaging is a geometric dance of edgy lines and earthy tones that exude modernity. The choice of recycled Kraft cardboard and Gmund Bier Paper honors an artisanal vibe while whispering stories of hope and continuity. The package is more than a container; it’s a journey from illumination to lasting life as reusable items!

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Everlasting Stories' Packaging Design
Copper Spirit Distillery's Packaging Design

Copper Spirit Distillery’s packaging exudes an artful harmony of tradition and location. The brand’s bottles, an homage to Bowen Island’s organic beauty, boast dark hues contrasted with copper finishes.

Each spirit's distinct, custom pattern is reminiscent of the island's stony cliffs. It marries aquatic motifs with baroque opulence. The design embraces minimalism, which makes it a worthy winner of our Packaging Design Award. Its elegant typography is a silent proclamation of subtlety. The bottle’s retro shape adds a layer of sophistication, perfectly embodying the distillery’s artisanal craft.

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Copper Spirit Distillery's Packaging Design
1964 Coffee's Packaging Design

1964 Coffee's packaging design mesmerizes with its vintage charm and unexpected contemporary color twists, garnering the title of Packaging Design Awardee. The layout captures a heritage aesthetic, artfully framed with architectural patterns reminiscent of Art Deco elegance.

A departure from traditional coffee tones, the use of pastel shades for varied flavors presents a fresh, modern contrast. Beyond visual appeal, the design prioritizes functionality with its dual-format containers. It caters to both the on-the-move caffeine seeker and the leisurely sipper.

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1964 Coffee's Packaging Design
Volta's Packaging Design

Volta's ice cream packaging redefines elegance in the market with its revolutionary approach. The minimalist design strips back to basics, allowing intricate hand-drawn illustrations and a black backdrop to command attention.

This stark contrast and a soft pastel palette deliver a layered visual feast that elevates the vegan line's appeal. The reimagined Volta logo also takes center stage. It balances sophistication with a playful elegance that mirrors the product's quality.

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Volta's Packaging Design
MAYOZHNI Ice Cream's Packaging Design

MAYOZHNI won our Packaging Design Award in 2022 with its delightful packaging illustrations that speak directly to children's imaginations. Each flavor introduces a unique “little monster” character, aligning with the playful mischiefs of childhood.

The design forgoes traditional childlike aesthetics. Instead, it uses a vibrant color palette and engaging visuals that double as potential playthings beyond the treat inside. This approach charms its intended demographic and encourages an interactive experience.

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MAYOZHNI Ice Cream's Packaging Design
Better Every Day Challenge Packaging Design

The Better Every Day Challenge packaging design cleverly uses warm hues and meaningful graphics to inspire action for a charitable cause. Its elements are imbued with optimism, where sunny orange exudes energy, and black creates striking visual contrast.

Balancing functionality with motivational design draws attention while celebrating self-improvement and communal support. This seamless union of purpose and design sophistication has earned it the title of Packaging Design Awardee.

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Better Every Day Challenge Packaging Design
World’s Finest® Chocolate's Packaging Design

The World’s Finest® Chocolate packaging design elegantly showcases the brand’s heritage through a sophisticated new brand mark and upgraded typography. With its inverted pyramid shape and crisp silver accents, the design emphasizes the product’s premium nature.

It harnesses visual hierarchy through color coding for flavor differentiation. Meanwhile, appetite-inducing photography compels consumer attention. The packaging uses high-end materials to deliver a tactile and visual premium quality that creates a timeless appeal.

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Worlds Finest® Chocolate's Packaging Design
Samsung's Packaging Design

Samsung’s packaging design shines with its minimalistic elegance and subtle wooden accents that emanate premium quality. Wooden elements and geometric patterns contribute to a distinguished unboxing experience. The brand's classic white and textured gray color palette reflects Samsung's sleek aesthetics.

The packaging's clean lines and diamond-like illusions lend a timeless appeal. They match Samsung’s signature typography that elevates the design’s character without overpowering it. This design easily stands out for its clarity and distinction, earning it an award for packaging design.

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Samsung's Packaging Design
Witch's Packaging Design

Witch skincare's packaging leverages its iconic color palette – subconsciously appeals through calming blue and refreshing green. These hues, alongside the new gradient and shapes, use glossy finishes for a subtle shine that maintains focus on the product.

The simplified logo, with its round, bold typography and witch-hazel leaf illustration, encapsulates nature’s influence on the brand. Witch's design smartly recontextualizes its identity with minimal changes, meriting recognition with the Packaging Design Award for February.

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Witch's Packaging Design
Dirty Fries' Packaging Design

Dirty Fries' packaging design has joined the list of our 2022 Packaging Design Award Winners with its audacious neon colors and graffiti-inspired doodles. The design shuns conventional fast-food aesthetics, opting for a “new retro” vibe.

The dynamic interplay of fluorescent hues and playful graphics positions the packaging as an experiential canvas. This bold fusion of street art and street food packaging delivers an eye-catching, attitude-rich experience that captures the brand’s essence and leaves a lasting impression.

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Dirty Fries' Packaging Design

Packaging Design Awards: Winners of 2021

Packaging Design Awards 2021
Qallo's Packaging Design

Qallo's packaging design revolutionizes the eSports and gaming nutrition sector, catering to digital warriors, streamers, and gamers alike. It earned our recognition by straying far from traditional supplement aesthetics, embracing vibrant neon colors, and transforming containers into real-life energy potions.

The minimalistic typography cleverly balances the dynamic visuals, making the brand energetic and memorable. Qallo's packaging engages consumers through playful elements, seamlessly combining fun and professionalism.

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Qallo's Packaging Design
Kimi Burger's Packaging Design

Kimi Burger's packaging design redefines fast-food aesthetics with its vibrant color palette. Breaking away from industry norms, the all-green and all-black packaging is visually refreshing and distinctive. Typography plays a crucial role in maintaining consistency and adding character.

Even the burger wrappers contribute to the holistic design, featuring subtle brand prints. This packaging stands as a testament to how thoughtful design elements can rejuvenate a familiar product, earning Kimi the coveted Packaging Design Award in 2021.

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Kimi Burger's Packaging Design
Rigel's Packaging Design

Rigel Gin's packaging design transmutes a tragic historical event into an exquisite tale on each bottle. Commemorating Rigel, the heroic Newfoundland dog of the Titanic tragedy, the label intricately weaves symbols of recovery, time, and maritime history.

The copper tones and dark blue hues evoke the icy surroundings of Rigel's heroics. Distinctive typography ensures brand recognition, while the choice of colors balances against the transparent bottle. This packaging, which marries melancholy storytelling with botanical aesthetics, earns Rigel the prestigious Packaging Design Award for its inventive and emotionally resonant approach.

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Rigel's Packaging Design
Yotti’s Turkish Delight Packaging Design

Yotti’s Turkish Delight’s packaging design joined the esteemed company of Packaging Design Award winners because of its seamless and harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. The intricate arabesque patterns, inspired by Islamic sacred architecture, adorn the boxes elegantly, with each flavor boasting a unique design and color scheme.

The packaging maintains a clean, minimalist backdrop, allowing complementary hues and mouthwatering, hyper-realistic photos to shine.

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Yottis Turkish Delight Packaging Design
Alfa Beer's Packaging Design

Alfa Beer's packaging design is a visual masterpiece reflecting the strength of the beverage through a concrete-themed, inviting, and interactive design. The realistic “concrete” box, complete with cracks and worn-out fonts, encases the vibrant blue bottle behind metal "prison" bars, offering a unique unboxing experience.

The bottle itself, reminiscent of high-end champagnes, features a cork plug and metal wiring, exuding exclusivity while consistent custom-made serif fonts across the packaging maintain a strong and timeless brand identity.

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Alfa Beer's Packaging Design
Pho-Kit's Packaging Design

Pho-Kit's packaging design transforms takeout packaging conventions with an eco-friendly and user-friendly design. The packaging, featuring a foldable bag and two cups hanging from its openings, significantly reduces single-use plastic waste, aligning with Pho-Kit's progressive values.

The winning mentality is reflected in the packaging’s playful typography, including puns like "Send noods" and custom fonts, fostering a lighthearted brand tone. The logo, with its minimal geometric construction, dominates the packaging, available in vibrant brand colors.

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Pho-Kit;s Packaging Design
Rustic Ridge Vineyards' Packaging Design

Rustic Ridge Vineyards’ packaging design is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, earning it an award for packaging design. It diverges from traditional wine labels, opting for hand-drawn illustrations of a vintage Chevy truck, a meaningful local landmark.

The golden lines against black and white backgrounds give a modern, timeless elegance. With a nod to Greek mythology and a constellation above said truck, the design encapsulates the winery's essence. The two wine varieties boast distinct label designs, utilizing color contrasts strategically.

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Rustic Ridge Vineyards' Packaging Design
MoHemp CBD’s Packaging Design

MoHemp CBD’s packaging design blends premium quality with the product’s natural origin, leveraging the power of a first impression. Stylish typography and clear visual organization enhance the design, marrying modern minimalism with a touch of traditional iconography.

MoHemp cleverly avoids controversies, focusing on legal CBD-rich products, and the packaging reflects industry trends with leafy imagery and a USDA seal. The green color palette emphasizes organic and natural roots, while microcopy highlights the brand's family, minority, and veteran-owned status.

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MoHemp CBDs Packaging Design
ZAZ Chocopops' Packaging Design

ZAZ Chocopops entered the competitive snack industry with a triumphant hit, thanks to its award-winning packaging design. Focused on guilt-free, organic snacks, the brand positions itself as the King of Ingredients, sourcing high-quality local produce.

The packaging reflects regal branding with bold red, purple, and gold colors, deviating from the typical muted tones associated with premium designs. The vibrant packaging, featuring large product images and bold iconography, stands out on shelves, earning it well-deserved recognition in both branding and food packaging.

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ZAZ Chocopops' Packaging Design
Rumi's Packaging Design

Rumi's packaging design intricately weaves philosophy and aesthetics, a combo that skyrocketed it to winning our Packaging Design Award in 2021. Drawing inspiration from Rumi's poetic tradition, the packaging embraces a pastel palette and minimalistic design, embodying sophistication and simplicity.

The typography, a blend of modern luxury and vintage touch, adds a retro feel to the brand. Focusing on the desirability and the organic nature of the products, the sleek minimalism and seductive hues elevate usual shapes into an extraordinary visual experience, capturing attention effortlessly.

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Rumi's Packaging Design
Bespoke Book's Packaging Design

Bespoke Book’s packaging design showcases the artistry of transformative packaging by seamlessly merging a book and picture frame into a single, elegant, multifunctional item. The minimalistic hardcover, adorned with debossed lettering, radiates exclusivity.

The natural cork frame within the packaging allows Bespoke Book to transition into a cherished picture frame. Beyond its sleek exterior, the product offers customizable content, providing a unique and tailored experience for each customer.

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Bespoke Book's Packaging Design
Rivelles' Packaging Design

Rivelles’ packaging design embodies the winning philosophy of "less is more." Without explicit details, the packaging eloquently communicates the brand's commitment to 100% organic and vegan products with locally sourced ingredients. Rivelles sets a groundbreaking example by not only recycling and reusing materials but also encouraging customer participation in reusing packaging.

View our editor's full thoughts on Rivelles' packaging design.
Rivelles' Packaging Design

DesignRush Packaging Design Awards Methodology and Criteria

Packaging Design Awards
Brands and agencies interested in joining the Packaging Design Awards must submit their designs for evaluation between the 1st and 25th of the month.

When selecting packaging design award winners, our jury refers to a clear-cut set of metrics for evaluating packaging, such as impact, creativity, functionality, execution, brand identity, and user (unboxing) experience. Each juror then rates each submission on a scale from 1 to 10, the average of which counts as the final grade.

The entire vetting process takes two weeks, after which the winning designs are published and promoted on all DesignRush channels, including social media.
1. Impact: 
  • Does the design trigger an immediate response?
  • Does it capture and retain attention?
2. Creativity: 
  • Does the design feature creative design solutions? 
  • Does the design offer a new perspective, or does it take an innovative approach in terms of techniques, tools, design concepts, and materials?
3. Functionality: 
  • Is the design useful? If so, how?
  • Does it achieve its purpose?
  • Does it facilitate and contribute to the user's experience?
4. Execution: 
  • Does the design reflect meticulous execution?
  • Is it detail-oriented?
5. Branding:
  • Does the design reflect the brand it represents?
6. User experience:
  • Is the design accessible to all users?
  • Is the design user-friendly and user-focused?

Meet The DesignRush Awards Jury

Design AwardsJury
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy (Creative Director at Bamko)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alexandre is a Brazilian illustrator, designer, and visual artist based in São Paulo. With a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations, followed by a postgraduate degree in Design, his career spans 19 years of experience, with a notable 13-year tenure at the American multinational company The Marketing Store. For the past six years, Alexandre held the position of Director of Creative Services for Latin America at the multinational company Bamko, specializing in promotional products for various renowned brands.

Throughout his journey, Alexandre has conceptualized over 350 campaigns and overseen the production of more than 5 million units. His collaborations have extended to globally recognized brands, including Burger King, Avon, Ambev, Unilever, Johnsons, Nestlé, Lactalis, Mondelez, Pizza Hut, Shell, Arcor, Fini, BRF, Fiat, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Mattel, MGA, Sega, PlayStation, and TV Globo, among others.
Alexandre Silva
Sean Doyce (CXO at Calibrated Software)

Expertise & Qualifications:

A visionary UI/UX designer boasting over 15 years of industry expertise, Sean led design teams at six startups, consistently proving his creative prowess, innovative ideas, and vast experience.

Sean aims to deliver creative solutions that delight end users while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. He is dedicated to crafting intuitive and innovative product experiences and is always looking for new ways to elevate the UI/UX designs of any product he is working on.
Ashwin Gobindram (Chief Operating Officer at CXR)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Ashwin Gobindram is a New York native, creative technologist, and visionary. His relentless passion for design and innovation led to the birth of One Arm Bandit, co-founded with his brother, Lucky. What started as a small consultancy for mobile app design and development quickly evolved into the powerhouse that is now CXR.Agency.

Today, with Ashwin at the helm, CXR.Agency boasts a diverse team of over 100 people designing and building creative technology solutions at the intersections of mobile, web, cloud, blockchain, AI, and spatial tech. CXR's illustrious clients range from tech behemoths like HTC and Dropbox to luxury icons of the Richemont group, including IWC and Vacheron Constantin.
Ashwin Gobindram
Vsevolod Syzranov (Brand Designer at Surf Agency)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Working in product design for the past 5+ years, Vsevolod mastered his craft at a popular glossy magazine, where he designed everything from covers to layouts and often everything in between.

On a freelance basis, he was renowned for designing premium posters and other printing collateral for various events and festivals. He was also engaged in developing corporate identity, brand identity, brand books, and mobile system designs, and created presentation designs for various commercial projects.
Vsevolod Syzranov
Sayeed Afzal Khan (Director at Wilson Wings)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Sayeed is a seasoned UI/UX professional with over half a decade of experience, specializing in User Research, UX Design, Branding, and Web Design and Development. He's had the privilege of working with top-tier clients from the fintech, blockchain, and EdTech sectors.

He has successfully designed robust investment apps, social crypto gaming mobile apps, and numerous applications for banking service providers. His keen eye for detail and a 6-phase approach to solving UX problems set him apart, standing among Toptal's top 3% global talent. Besides individual contributions, Sayeed's leadership extends to his design agency, Wilson Wings, where he leads a vibrant team of 20, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.
Sayeed Afzal Khan
Alisha Womack (Creative & Design Lead at Wunderman Thompson)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alisha brings over 15 years of experience in visual design and creative leadership with a diverse range of companies including Target, Facebook, Unilever, Walmart, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Etsy, L'Oréal, Papa John’s, Deloitte, and Saint Laurent.

Currently serving as a creative & design lead for one of the world’s most respected advertising agencies, Wunderman Thompson, Alisha excels in inspiring growth for ambitious brands and prides herself in stimulating passion and ideas in others.

The recipient of several industry awards including Most Outstanding Digital Campaign from LVIMA, Most Outstanding Event Marketing Campaign from Event Marketer, Most Outstanding Video Content from The Telly Awards, and Most Innovative Product Launch from Omnicom Media Group, Alisha is a trailblazer in her field and a respected global leader in design.
Alisha Womack

Design Awards FAQ

How many winners will be chosen every month and what will they receive?

There will be a total of 6 monthly winners — one for each category. They will receive:

  • A Dedicated Article in the Design Awards section
  • Newsletter Promotions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Official Design Awards Badge
  • Certificate of Recognition

When and where are the winners announced?

The winners are informed via email at the start of the month, while they are formally announced on every 15th of each month, followed by an email newsletter and a social media campaign the following week.

Candidates who fail to secure an award will receive another email with more opportunities for exposure and lead generation on DesignRush.

In how many categories can I submit my designs?

You can submit as many designs in as many categories as you want – as long as they fulfill the criteria for each category.

What happens if my design doesn’t win?

Design Awards is just one of the many perks of connecting with DesignRush. After announcing the winners, our team will contact you for other opportunities like Design Trends articles, Agency Directory, and Marketplace.

What happens if a brand receives a badge, but their design agency goes unrecognized for their work?

Creative solutions rarely bloom in isolation.

At DesignRush we recognize that design is a collaborative process that combines strategic thinking, creative sensibility, and expert guidance.

This is why Design Awards welcome applications not only from agencies and designers but from brands as well.

If a brand’s submission is awarded, we will gladly extend the award to their design partner if they prove their involvement in the project.

Are there any costs I should be aware of?

You can choose from BASIC ($75), STANDARD ($600) or PREMIUM ($1,500) submission packages to have your designs evaluated. One design per category counts as one submission.

Which package should I get?

BASIC is for freelancers who want to get their feet at the door.

STANDARD is for startup creatives building an impressive portfolio.

Last but definitely not least, PREMIUM is for creative teams who want to make the most out of their exposure on DesignRush — with Agency Listing on top of design recognition.

I paid the submission fee. Does it mean my design/s will be featured?

The submission packages allow us to have your design/s evaluated by the jury. It neither guarantees that your entry will win the competition nor is it an assurance to be featured on DesignRush as the Best Design.

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