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Video Design Awards

DesignRush Video Design Awards recognize the most impressive video projects that showcase forward-thinking design, originality, and viewer engagement. Our judging panel, composed of design experts and industry leaders, thoroughly assesses each entry to celebrate the best in video production – from captivating visuals to fluid storytelling. Explore our respected winners' gallery and let their achievements inspire you to enter the fray and secure the awards your work deserves! 

Video Design Awards: Winners of 2023 - 2024

Discover our monthly video design award winners

Video Design Awards: Winners of 2022

Video Design Awards 2022
Starbucks: It Starts With You Video Design

Starbucks’ dynamic storytelling through a first-person perspective is why they were recognized as a Video Design Award winner. Ingenious transitions, lifelike sound effects, and energizing scenes enrich the viewing journey. Upbeat music complements the visuals.

The video design maintains a lively tempo, while natural sounds ground the viewer in the authenticity of the coffee-making process. Such simplicity and immersive POV distinguish the video in a saturated advertising landscape.

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Starbucks: It Starts With You Video Design
TBWA\'s Video Design

The TBWA\ video design shines as this month's standout for its masterful rebranding narrative. The video focuses on the agency's emblematic backslash, crafting a visual odyssey from old to new — a technique that asserts brand evolution.

Motion graphics and 3D animations perfectly showcase TBWA\'s innovative nature. Personnel interviews add a human touch. Quick cuts and lively sequences ensure viewers remain riveted. This design exemplifies solidifying brand identity in a concise, visually striking production.

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TBWA\'s Video Design
Aspik Nature's Video Design

The Aspik Nature video design triumphs as a Video Design Awardee with its fiery tableau that transitions into the serene blues of the sea. Lush landscapes and the pulsing rhythm of the elements are juxtaposed with crisp product shots.

They emphasize the synergy between nature and science. Close-ups reveal the skincare's purity and display the brand's eco-conscious value. While devoid of narration, this visual symphony allows the Mediterranean's majesty to convey Aspik Nature's story.

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Aspik Nature's Video Design
Red Fox’s Video Design

Red Fox is September 2022's Video Design Awardee because it showcases the brand’s uniqueness through engaging stop-motion animation. This concise 20-second spot contrasts the product’s rich character with memorable imagery and colors that resonate with viewers.

The playful narrative and sketch-style animations add an artistic touch. Gradual color shifts deepen the visual narrative. The grand reveal of the packaged product in the closing shot solidifies Red Fox's place as an innovator in taste and marketing prowess.

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Red Foxs Video Design
Narcos: Mexico’s Video Design

Capturing the foreboding essence of "Narcos: Mexico," this video design winner's teaser is a masterclass in suspenseful brevity. The video abstains from narrative giveaways. Instead, it embellishes each letter of "Narcos" with sinister iconography.

Close-ups reveal intricate details (guns, skulls, chains), inviting speculation while avoiding spoilers. The lighting casts a solitary spotlight to accentuate the golden-hued 3D letters against darkness. A soft yet somber melody underscores the tension to evoke the show's grim romanticism.

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Narcos: Mexicos Video Design
Nuance’s Video Design

The Nuance's video design captures the universal plight of customer service woes through a video narrative rich in real-life scenarios. The transition from dissatisfaction to contentment is masterfully depicted as customers witness the transformative power of Nuance's solutions.

The video spotlights AI-powered features, reinforcing Nuance's market excellence without overshadowing the emotionally compelling storyline.

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Nuances Video Design
Lotus Evija’s Video Design

Lotus Evija is June’s winning video design entry for its artful blending of ancient lore with avant-garde technology. The narrative portrays an archaic figure invoking elemental powers. It sets the stage for the electrifying emergence of the Evija.

The short film illustrates the duality of heritage and innovation by employing dramatic shots and dynamic cuts. A pulsating soundtrack intensifies the experience as the Evija claims its place at the forefront of electric mobility.

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Lotus Evijas Video Design
Kiehl’s Video Design

Kiehl claims this month’s Video Design Award by creatively infusing action-packed scenes with humor. It orchestrates comical test-drive scenarios where men face trials yet emerge impeccably groomed. The cinematography cleverly alternates between the rigors of mock trials and the resilience of the products.

The storytelling is engaging yet silent, heavily relying on dynamic visuals and succinct typography. These elements reinforce the brand's commitment to tested quality, resonating powerfully with its intended male audience.

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Kiehls Video Design
Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour’s Video Design

The Cisco - Joshua Tree Tour video was crowned a Video Design Award winner because it transcends the typical promotional video by inviting the audience into the electrifying world of live music.

With no need for narration, its masterful blend of sound and fast-paced editing encapsulates the concert's vibrancy. Text inserts punctuate the rhythm, making viewers feel the pulse of the event. Diverse camera angles celebrate both the spectacle and the unseen stars.

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Cisco - Joshua Tree Tours Video Design
Firesled Fitness’ Video Design

Firesled Fitness shines with its award for video design because it blends slow-motion imagery with bold color contrasts, while the vivid themes underscore the intensity of firefighters' training environments.

The choice of audio — founders' candid voices set against the vibrant strums of "Signal Flares" — complements the visual storytelling. Through cinematic techniques usually reserved for superhero films, Firesled's video pays homage to the true bravery of first responders.

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Firesled Fitness Video Design
Train Like Legends’ Video Design

The Train Like Legends video captures the essence of athletic ambition through its powerful storytelling and Heather Mitts' inspiring journey. Its dynamic soundtrack complements the spirited visuals to create an immersive experience.

The design cleverly marries app-based technology with motivational cues. The video's synergy of motivation, technology, and visual finesse rightfully earns it our Video Design Award.

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Train Like Legends Video Design
DTM’s Video Design

With an adrenaline-pumping montage of rapid-fire transitions, The DTM video cements its place as the first Video Design Awardee of 2022. The visuals blend bold, racing-inspired typography and a minimalist two-tone color palette.

The soundtrack’s thunderous roars and pulsating beats propel the viewer into the heart of the action. This video doesn't just show the race; it makes viewers feel the electrifying pace of DTM!

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DTMs Video Design

Video Design Awards: Winners of 2021

Video Design Awards 2021
P2 Magic’s Video Design

Clinching the award for video design is P2 Magic for its tranquil allure in a serene 35-second narrative. Subtle geometric animations and a soothing voiceover invite viewers into a realm of understated elegance.

The minimalist color scheme highlights the brand's energy and creativity. This approach encapsulates P2's philosophy that the power of a gentle story endures in a world of noise. Its success lies in the harmonious blend of simplicity, calm narration, and the hypnotic flow of shapes.

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P2 Magics Video Design
Main Line Health's Video Design

Main Line Health's video weaves clear narration with timely visual aids – a technique that earned them the Video Design Award of November 2021. The video's strength is in simplicity and clarity. A cohesive blue and white color palette maintains the audience’s focus.

Combining filmed footage and 3D icons allowed the message to be heard and felt. Together, they encourage action without overwhelming the audience. Its educational impact shows the profound influence of well-crafted video design in addressing societal issues.

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Main Line Health's Video Design
Bronx Zoo’s Video Design

In the Bronx Zoo video, the whimsical world of Eric Carle leaps off the page into an engaging augmented reality. A blend of animation and live-action respects the integrity of Carle's beloved illustrations.

Gentle music and narration complement the visuals. They capture the innocence and imagination of children without relying on heavy post-production. This design's fidelity to Carle’s philosophy of simplicity and harmony has made it a clear choice for October’s Video Design Award.

View our editor's full thoughts on Bronx Zoo’s video design.
Bronx Zoos Video Design
Easy Visual’s Video Design

The strategic use of color psychology and music makes the Easy Visual video an obvious winner of the Best Video Design Award of September 2021. It revolutionizes the SaaS explainer genre with sleek animation and commanding narration.

Its vivid color palette is a dynamic interplay of red and blue. It creates a narrative journey from the "shark eat shark" mentality to a "Blue Ocean" of opportunity. The dynamic soundtrack amplifies the video's energetic imagery without overshadowing the message.

View our editor's full thoughts on Easy Visual’s video design.
Easy Visuals Video Design
“Why Facebook Will Survive” Video Design

The "Why Facebook Will Survive" video effortlessly earned its place as a distinguished video design awardee for its thoughtful communication and retention-friendly sequence. The narrative is delivered at a perfect pace.

Discreet, somber music complements the visuals without distraction. A skillful interweave of original footage and new graphics illustrates Facebook’s growth and resilience. With transitions echoing a futuristic vibe, the design underpins the social media giant's enduring relevance.

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Why Facebook Will Survive Video Design
EA Junior Club's Video Design

The EA Junior Club video design features a charming animation reminiscent of whimsical Saturday morning cartoons. The soundtrack plays tunes that convey the excitement of engineering. Playful pastel-hued graphics capture the vibrancy of a child's curiosity.

These brilliant visual elements create a narrative encouraging children to see themselves as innovators. With subtle nods to gender inclusivity, it’s a smart blend of fun and substance!

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EA Junior Club's Video Design
Stone Soup’s Video Design

Stone Soup’s video design offers a glimpse into diverse life experiences unified by a rich, original soundtrack. The reel smoothly transitions from serene to dynamic scenes. This technique highlights the company’s cohesive storytelling through music and imagery.

With crisp editing and attentive post-production, the video creates a connection that transcends the screen. It’s a professional yet personal montage showcasing their global portfolio.

View our editor's full thoughts on Stone Soup’s video design.
Stone Soups Video Design
Piter Moreira’s Video Design

Piter Moreira's work won the Video Design Award because of its slick presentation, clever editing, and captivating motion graphics. Artfully chosen videos reveal versatility across genres.

Notably, The Hy Project video stands out with its unique fusion of automobile commercial vigor and environmental consciousness while maintaining a polished and harmonious visual theme. This winning entry showcases Moreira's keen sense of diversity, expertise, and aesthetic refinement.

View our editor's full thoughts on Piter Moreira’s video design.
Piter Moreiras Video Design
National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Video Design

The NALP video’s heartfelt portrayal of community and environmental stewardship makes it deserving of an award for video design. Sweeping aerials and vibrant, sunlit scenes are accented by a moving soundtrack.

Through subtle yet powerful visual aids, viewers are educated on the environmental significance of workers' roles. Even in mute settings, it solidifies the message's potency across mediums.

View our editor's full thoughts on the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ video design.
National Association of Landscape Professionals Video Design
Coffee Fuels Creativity's Video Design

Earning the Video Design Award for February, the Coffee Fuels Creativity video marries the tactile experience of package design with the digital realm. This cinematic journey is an intimate first-person narrative highlighting a designer's quest to overcome creative block.

High-definition visuals and nuanced lighting mirror the transition from creative drought to productive flow. Meanwhile, a jazzy soundtrack accentuates the mounting deadline pressure. This visual narrative celebrates the symbiosis of coffee and creativity. It culminates in a satisfying reveal of the designer's triumph over time.

View our editor's full thoughts on Coffee Fuels Creativity's video design.
Coffee Fuels Creativity's Video Design

DesignRush Video Design Awards Methodology and Criteria

Video Design Awards
Brands and agencies interested in joining the Video Design Awards must submit their designs for evaluation between the 1st and 25th of the month.

When selecting video design award winners, our jury refers to a clear-cut set of metrics for evaluating a video, such as impact, creativity, functionality, execution, branding, and user experience. A juror then rates each submission on a scale from 1 to 10, the average of which counts as the final grade.

The entire vetting process takes two weeks, after which the winning designs are published and promoted on all DesignRush channels, including social media.
1. Impact: 
  • Does the design trigger an immediate response?
  • Does it capture and retain attention?
2. Creativity: 
  • Does the design feature creative design solutions? 
  • Does the design offer a new perspective, or does it take an innovative approach in terms of techniques, tools, design concepts, and materials?
3. Functionality: 
  • Is the design useful? If so, how?
  • Does it achieve its purpose?
  • Does it facilitate and contribute to the user's experience?
4. Execution: 
  • Does the design reflect meticulous execution?
  • Is it detail-oriented?
5. Branding:
  • Does the design reflect the brand it represents?
6. User experience:
  • Is the design accessible to all users?
  • Is the design user-friendly and user-focused?

Meet The DesignRush Awards Jury

Design AwardsJury
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy (Creative Director at Bamko)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alexandre is a Brazilian illustrator, designer, and visual artist based in São Paulo. With a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations, followed by a postgraduate degree in Design, his career spans 19 years of experience, with a notable 13-year tenure at the American multinational company The Marketing Store. For the past six years, Alexandre held the position of Director of Creative Services for Latin America at the multinational company Bamko, specializing in promotional products for various renowned brands.

Throughout his journey, Alexandre has conceptualized over 350 campaigns and overseen the production of more than 5 million units. His collaborations have extended to globally recognized brands, including Burger King, Avon, Ambev, Unilever, Johnsons, Nestlé, Lactalis, Mondelez, Pizza Hut, Shell, Arcor, Fini, BRF, Fiat, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Mattel, MGA, Sega, PlayStation, and TV Globo, among others.
Alexandre Silva
Sean Doyce (CXO at Calibrated Software)

Expertise & Qualifications:

A visionary UI/UX designer boasting over 15 years of industry expertise, Sean led design teams at six startups, consistently proving his creative prowess, innovative ideas, and vast experience.

Sean aims to deliver creative solutions that delight end users while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. He is dedicated to crafting intuitive and innovative product experiences and is always looking for new ways to elevate the UI/UX designs of any product he is working on.
Ashwin Gobindram (Chief Operating Officer at CXR)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Ashwin Gobindram is a New York native, creative technologist, and visionary. His relentless passion for design and innovation led to the birth of One Arm Bandit, co-founded with his brother, Lucky. What started as a small consultancy for mobile app design and development quickly evolved into the powerhouse that is now CXR.Agency.

Today, with Ashwin at the helm, CXR.Agency boasts a diverse team of over 100 people designing and building creative technology solutions at the intersections of mobile, web, cloud, blockchain, AI, and spatial tech. CXR's illustrious clients range from tech behemoths like HTC and Dropbox to luxury icons of the Richemont group, including IWC and Vacheron Constantin.
Ashwin Gobindram
Vsevolod Syzranov (Brand Designer at Surf Agency)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Working in product design for the past 5+ years, Vsevolod mastered his craft at a popular glossy magazine, where he designed everything from covers to layouts and often everything in between.

On a freelance basis, he was renowned for designing premium posters and other printing collateral for various events and festivals. He was also engaged in developing corporate identity, brand identity, brand books, and mobile system designs, and created presentation designs for various commercial projects.
Vsevolod Syzranov
Sayeed Afzal Khan (Director at Wilson Wings)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Sayeed is a seasoned UI/UX professional with over half a decade of experience, specializing in User Research, UX Design, Branding, and Web Design and Development. He's had the privilege of working with top-tier clients from the fintech, blockchain, and EdTech sectors.

He has successfully designed robust investment apps, social crypto gaming mobile apps, and numerous applications for banking service providers. His keen eye for detail and a 6-phase approach to solving UX problems set him apart, standing among Toptal's top 3% global talent. Besides individual contributions, Sayeed's leadership extends to his design agency, Wilson Wings, where he leads a vibrant team of 20, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.
Sayeed Afzal Khan
Alisha Womack (Creative & Design Lead at Wunderman Thompson)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alisha brings over 15 years of experience in visual design and creative leadership with a diverse range of companies including Target, Facebook, Unilever, Walmart, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Etsy, L'Oréal, Papa John’s, Deloitte, and Saint Laurent.

Currently serving as a creative & design lead for one of the world’s most respected advertising agencies, Wunderman Thompson, Alisha excels in inspiring growth for ambitious brands and prides herself in stimulating passion and ideas in others.

The recipient of several industry awards including Most Outstanding Digital Campaign from LVIMA, Most Outstanding Event Marketing Campaign from Event Marketer, Most Outstanding Video Content from The Telly Awards, and Most Innovative Product Launch from Omnicom Media Group, Alisha is a trailblazer in her field and a respected global leader in design.
Alisha Womack

Design Awards FAQ

How many winners will be chosen every month and what will they receive?

There will be a total of 6 monthly winners — one for each category. They will receive:

  • A Dedicated Article in the Design Awards section
  • Newsletter Promotions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Official Design Awards Badge
  • Certificate of Recognition

When and where are the winners announced?

The winners are informed via email at the start of the month, while they are formally announced on every 15th of each month, followed by an email newsletter and a social media campaign the following week.

Candidates who fail to secure an award will receive another email with more opportunities for exposure and lead generation on DesignRush.

In how many categories can I submit my designs?

You can submit as many designs in as many categories as you want – as long as they fulfill the criteria for each category.

What happens if my design doesn’t win?

Design Awards is just one of the many perks of connecting with DesignRush. After announcing the winners, our team will contact you for other opportunities like Design Trends articles, Agency Directory, and Marketplace.

What happens if a brand receives a badge, but their design agency goes unrecognized for their work?

Creative solutions rarely bloom in isolation.

At DesignRush we recognize that design is a collaborative process that combines strategic thinking, creative sensibility, and expert guidance.

This is why Design Awards welcome applications not only from agencies and designers but from brands as well.

If a brand’s submission is awarded, we will gladly extend the award to their design partner if they prove their involvement in the project.

Are there any costs I should be aware of?

You can choose from BASIC ($75), STANDARD ($600) or PREMIUM ($1,500) submission packages to have your designs evaluated. One design per category counts as one submission.

Which package should I get?

BASIC is for freelancers who want to get their feet at the door.

STANDARD is for startup creatives building an impressive portfolio.

Last but definitely not least, PREMIUM is for creative teams who want to make the most out of their exposure on DesignRush — with Agency Listing on top of design recognition.

I paid the submission fee. Does it mean my design/s will be featured?

The submission packages allow us to have your design/s evaluated by the jury. It neither guarantees that your entry will win the competition nor is it an assurance to be featured on DesignRush as the Best Design.

About the Author and Editor

Petar Pesic is a seasoned analyst for video, website, and app designs. His passion for storytelling has led him to become an expert in compelling brand narratives. Local student papers were his training ground for developing a central focus on design, the cornerstone of his professional career. Today, his abilities to articulate the beauty and functionalities of cutting-edge designs make him a valuable asset to DesignRush.
Lensey Etcubañas is an experienced content marketer with proven results. She has worked in advertising, eCommerce, IT, and creative industries for companies like SVEN, Incrementum Digital, and Martha Stewart. Her promotional email sequence plan for a Process Improvement Management Consultancy yielded thousands of dollars in revenue and an 84% CTR. She takes her diverse industry knowledge and editorial experience to her current role at DesignRush.
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