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Wanted For Nothing's Website Design Highlights the Agency's Unconventional Thinking Through an Interactive, Modern UI
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Website Design Awards

DesignRush Website Design Awards celebrate the most outstanding web creations with a keen eye for cutting-edge design, innovation, and user experience. Our expert judging panel, composed of industry leaders and design professionals, meticulously evaluates submissions to honor the best in web design, from stunning visuals to seamless functionality. Discover our esteemed winners' circle, and may they encourage you to join the competition to gain the recognition your website deserves. 

Website Design Awards: Winners of 2023 - 2024

Discover our monthly website design award winners

Website Design Awards: Winners of 2022

Website Design Awards 2022
CTRL SHIFT! Podcast Web Design

The CTRL SHIFT! Podcast is a Web Design Award winner because of its delightful blend of creativity and information. Its loading screen, featuring two power cords connecting, sets the stage for a colorful, fun, and dynamic experience.

The playful homepage, bursting with an energetic orange backdrop alongside quirky font and zany illustrations, invites exploration. This website harmoniously combines retro, rubber hose-style animations, isometric art, and modern typography to create a visually engaging and informative platform.

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CTRL SHIFT! Podcast Web Design
Poppr's Web Design

Poppr's web design offers an immersive user journey with dynamic, captivating elements at every turn. It's a cutting-edge website that combines smooth animations, WebGL features, and bold content, to deliver an exhilarating experience for visitors.

As visitors scroll, the magic unfolds, featuring a striking color palette of gold, purple, and teal against a dark background, creating an atmosphere of accessible exclusivity. The website's transitions and typography enhance legibility, while the sticky menu and interactive visuals keep users engaged a mark of a Web Design Award winner.

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Poppr's Web Design
Prada Men's Collection Web Page

Prada Men's Collection web design is a masterclass in minimalistic eCommerce design, embodying the renowned brand's timeless elegance. Its sleek and streamlined layout emanates luxury effortlessly, while the monochromatic color scheme complements Prada's classic image, offering fashionable simplicity that's polished to perfection.

Interactive imagery (sharing similarities with Instagram's visual-centric approach) breathes life into each product, providing style inspiration. The website prioritizes the user experience with clear CTAs, sticky menus, and a chatbot, streamlining navigation and driving sales.

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Prada Mens Collection Web Page
Agilant Solutions' Web Design

Agilant Solutions website design epitomizes professionalism and industry relevance. The site serves as a powerful showcase for the brand, emphasizing its core services effortlessly. But what makes it stand out is its unmatched accessibility, offering an organized and uncluttered user experience at every step.

The website's minimalistic design makes it easy to navigate, which encourages extended visits. Innovation shines through with the smart incorporation of brand colors and captivating visuals, reinforcing Agilant's reputation as a professional, reliable, and efficient IT company worthy of an award for web design.

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Agilant Solutions' Web Design
Sun King's Web Design

Sun King's website design exudes a powerful brand positioning that extends beyond the confines of a simple user journey. The homepage shines with a captivating hero video and informative statistics, conveying not just a strong brand message, but offering prospective customers and/or investors a clear understanding of its mission.

The website's candid messaging and strategically placed CTAs ensure easy navigation and message retention. The About Page effectively tells the brand's story through a dynamic image grid, highlighting their global impact with ease. The site's palette, dominated by bright yellow hues, personifies the brand's essence of sun, energy, power, and efficiency.

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Sun King's Web Design
AgAmerica's Web Design

AgAmerica's award-winning web design features rich visuals and an interactive user interface, making it a standout platform. The homepage, showcasing a full-screen video montage depicting sustainable farm life, immediately connects with the audience ensuring future brand recognition.

Interactive modules and user-friendly elements, including directional guides, amplify the browsing experience beyond initial expectations. The "Who We Are" page offers a unique insight that humanizes the brand, sharing partnership success stories and emphasizing transparency. The website design effectively blends aesthetics and functionality, serving both AgAmerica's mission and its audience.

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AgAmerica's Web Design
Surge AI's Web Design

Surge AI's web design combines rich, albeit minimalistic visuals and an interactive UI to create a powerful and enticing data labeling platform. The web-based app boasts intuitive navigation, advanced quality controls, and modern APIs, making it a valuable resource for any company dipping its toes in AI waters.

The website design is characterized by its colorful and dynamic branding, effortlessly standing out in an industry known for its grim outlook. Iconography plays a major role in user-friendliness, aiding users in recognizing and selecting tools effortlessly. Engaging software labels add a personal touch to the program, making it approachable and user-friendly.

View our editor's full thoughts on Surge AI's web design.
Surge AI's Web Design
Silverstream Technologies' Web Design

Silverstream Technologies' web design offers an innovative approach to promoting air lubrication systems for the shipping industry, so it's no surprise it won our Web Design Award. The website design showcases the company's products and services through a seamless integration of visuals and informative content.

Right upon entering the website, the ocean-blue background, animated graphics resembling a ship's frame, and bubble-like visuals provide an engaging and enjoyable ambiance. The use of sans-serif typography emphasizes informative copy, making each section easy to digest. The intuitive menu navigation enhances the user journey, ensuring smooth and predictable interaction with the website.

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Silverstream Technologies' Web Design
Motus Web Design

Motus has a visually striking website design, but it's not the only reason why it won our Web Design Award. In fact, the website is a showcase of photographic excellence, utilizing abundant imagery to emphasize the brand's portfolio.

An all-over-screen video showcasing Modus' work provides immediate social proof to visitors. The navigation is simple and intuitive, with a clean and minimalistic menu structure. Ample white space helps users focus on the content, ensuring a distraction-free experience. Typography is straightforward, enhancing readability and overall user experience.

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Motus Web Design
Vectron Biosolutions' Web Design

Vectron Biosolutions' website design seamlessly translates and integrates the visual language of life sciences into an online environment. The website features bold messaging, with a dark green background and white fonts in a legible sans-serif typeface.

With its generous use of negative space and a clean and minimalist look, the whole design emanates tranquility. The sticky main navigation ensures an efficient user journey, while science-inspired micro-animations add a touch of life and relevance to the site. Well-placed CTA buttons expedite conversion, guiding visitors to key areas of interest without a hitch.

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Vectron Biosolutions' Web Design
The Belyi Ostrov House's Web Design

The Belyi Ostrov House's website design offers a captivating user journey through a slew of innovative features. This residential complex's website uses horizontal scrolling to create a dynamic user experience, with pseudo-3D effects and motion graphics that add an engaging touch of excellence.

The luxurious color palette, elegant typography, and ample negative space contribute to the website's high-end appearance while an engaging pop-up menu enhances the user experience, providing quick access to essential information. These are just some of the reasons why it garnered our Web Design Award.

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The Belyi Ostrov House's Web Design
Boardwalk's Web Design

Boardwalk Insurance's website design exudes professionalism and creative minimalism to showcase the company's services to small and medium-sized businesses. The site features a clean and modern design, employing a restrained, on-brand color palette and a simple visual hierarchy to accentuate its services.

The sticky navigation ensures a smooth user journey, while the brand's primary color commands attention to where it matters most. The playful doodle characters bring a personal touch to the website, representing the company's care for its clients.

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Boardwalk's Web Design

Website Design Awards: Winners of 2021

Website Design Awards 2021
The Un Known's Web Design

The Un Known's website design is a testament to the company's commitment to creativity and breaking conventions. It features a visually stimulating and immersive experience that encourages visitors to question their perceptions of creativity and engagement itself.

The site incorporates bold messaging with large typography and subtle animations, ensuring that the agency's mission and services are clear and discernible. Micro-animations and interactions reflect the brand's attention to detail and creativity. The main menu, placed unconventionally at the bottom of the screen, ensures seamless navigation while offering an instant translation option and chatbot.

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The Un Known's Web Design
Elysian Law Firm's Web Design

Elysian Law Firm's website design caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners seeking legal solutions. It won our Web Design Award not just for aesthetics, but also for its focus on clear and informative messaging. It simplifies complex legal concepts and emphasizes its mission to "transform struggling solos into confident CEOs."

Additionally, the site excels in responsiveness across devices, ensuring a consistent experience for users. The well-organized navigation system educates visitors throughout their journey. Prominent calls-to-action and a downloadable resource guide further enhance conversions.

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Elysian Law Firm's Web Design
Vitera's Web Design

Vitera's website design offers a personalized tea-buying experience that aligns with users' moods and well-being. And successfully so that it won our award for web design. Users can choose tea based on their mood, guiding them to products that match their current emotional state.

The site's sticky menu enhances navigation, while its vibrant color palette, custom fonts, and illustrations add character to every step of the user journey. The eCommerce section seamlessly integrates into the website, providing an optimal online shopping experience.

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Vitera's Web Design
Outsmart Labs' Web Design

Outsmart Labs' website design, crafted with water-themed symbolism, is a triumph of simplicity and animation. The homepage fluidly introduces services, ensuring effortless navigation. The waterdrop-shaped animations and fluid cursor engage visitors.

Hover-triggered reveals and floating elements bring the design to life, creating depth and interactivity. The modish Romana serif font evokes tradition and elegance, while negative space and clean typography enhance readability. Light blue accents complement the tranquil palette, and animated splashes of color highlight their services.

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Outsmart Labs' Web Design
Wolfpack's Web Design

Wolfpack's website design offers beer enthusiasts a dynamic and visually engaging experience. The website employs slick motion effects, micro-animations, and dynamic visuals that enhance user engagement.

Wolfpack's candid and unpretentious tone, infused with rugby lingo, resonates with its audience and influences buying decisions. The single-page web design with intuitive navigation, a bold color palette, and well-placed calls-to-action guides visitors through the conversion funnel. It's a Web Design Award winner through and through.

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Wolfpack' Web Design
Scepter & Sword's Web Design

Scepter & Swords website won our Web Design Award, not just for its sheer beauty but for challenging industry norms with visually stimulating and opulent imagery and layout. The site celebrates female empowerment, tells stories of female monarchs, and showcases the brand's exceptional wine.

The web design incorporates painting-style images of queens, a unique upside-down scepter as a visual element, and distinctive typography. Horizontal scrolling enhances storytelling and the online oenophile experience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Scepter & Sword's web design.
Scepter & Sword's Web Design
Jagenberg's Web Design

Jagenberg's web design successfully blends creativity with a seamless user experience, making it a standout corporate website and a Web Design Award winner. It introduces a splash of color and dynamic visuals to the corporate realm.

The site features striking imagery, aligning with the company's "Create. Future. Together." tagline. Its dynamic look continues with colorful elements like cherry red, blue, green, and orange, creating a visually engaging and surprising experience. The website's mega menu offers vital links and images for easy navigation. The custom-made font conveys a sense of technology and futurism, and the content layout simplifies message retention.

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Jagenberg's Web Design
Deuren's Web Design

The Deuren website design offers a luxurious and user-friendly interface that seamlessly reflects the high-end door manufacturing business. The website features a comprehensive menu navigation that simplifies access to extensive content, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

With a gold-white color palette and serif fonts, the design exudes fine craftsmanship and versatility, creating a sense of luxury. All these and more opened the doors to winning our Web Design Award.

View our editor's full thoughts on Deuren's web design.
Deuren's Web Design
Amanda Braga's Web Design

Amanda Braga's website design elegantly embodies the designers' sense of grace, elegance, and high-fashion expertise. The single-page layout facilitates storytelling, encapsulating Amanda's journey and brand messaging.

With its sleek, clean, and intuitive navigation menu, the design evokes a sense of simplicity that powerfully attracts creative fashion enthusiasts. The color palette transitions from rich blues to vibrant oranges and reds as users scroll, maintaining their attention. Stylish typography marries nostalgia with elegance, enhancing readability tenfold.

View our editor's full thoughts on Amanda Braga's web design.
Amanda Braga's Web Design
Burfa's Web Design

Burfa showcases a unique website design that's divided into "For People" and "By People" sections, capturing the brand's essence, as well as emphasizing its people-oriented approach. Interactive light objects and responsive animated elements provide an innovative and engaging visual experience.

The full-screen menu navigation offers contact information and a well-designed map. A meticulously structured user journey unveils the company's services and projects while blending retro aesthetics with futuristic UX. This design ticks all the boxes for winning our Web Design Award.

View our editor's full thoughts on Burfa's web design.
Burfa's Web Design
Ambiq's Web Design

Ambiq web design exudes clinical precision and technological excellence. Featuring a sleek grid layout, the design maintains a meticulous visual hierarchy, enhancing UX and visual coherence worthy of a Web Design Award.

The sticky navigation menu, with an expandable hamburger icon, allows for seamless exploration of various user journey stages. The use of royal blue as an attention-grabbing and branding element reflects Ambiq's breakthrough innovations. Abundant white space aids content retention, and the addition of a brand mascot enhances the website's techy charm.

View our editor's full thoughts on Ambiq's web design.
Ambiq's Web Design
Vectornator's Web Design

Vectornator's website design provides an engaging and immersive user journey, seamlessly transitioning from an introductory hero section to an illustrated laptop screen showcasing the brand's UI tools.

The dark background complements brightly colored imagery, highlighting Vectornator's features. A sticky main menu aids navigation and encourages users to download the app. The site's legible typography, use of negative space, and content-rich blog section all contribute to an exceptional user experience.

View our editor's full thoughts on Vectornator's web design.
Vectornator's Web Design

DesignRush Website Design Awards Methodology and Criteria

Website Design Awards
Brands and agencies interested in joining the Website Design Awards must submit their designs for evaluation between the 1st and 25th of the month.

When selecting Web Design Award winners, our jury refers to a clear-cut set of metrics for evaluating a website, such as impact, creativity, functionality, execution, branding, and user experience. A juror then rates each submission on a scale from 1 to 10, the average of which counts as the final grade.

The entire vetting process takes two weeks, after which the winning designs are published and promoted on all DesignRush channels, including social media.
1. Impact:
    • Does the design trigger an immediate response?
    • Does it capture and retain attention?
2. Creativity:
    • Does the design feature creative design solutions?
    • Does the design offer a new perspective, or does it take an innovative approach in terms of techniques, tools, design concepts, and materials?
3. Functionality:
    • Is the design useful? If so, how?
    • Does it achieve its purpose?
    • Does it facilitate and contribute to the user's experience?
4. Execution:
    • Does the design reflect meticulous execution?
    • Is it detail-oriented?
5. Branding:
    • Does the design reflect the brand it represents?
6. User experience:
    • Is the design accessible to all users?
    • Is the design user-friendly and user-focused?

Meet The DesignRush Awards Jury

Design AwardsJury
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy (Creative Director at Bamko)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alexandre is a Brazilian illustrator, designer, and visual artist based in São Paulo. With a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations, followed by a postgraduate degree in Design, his career spans 19 years of experience, with a notable 13-year tenure at the American multinational company The Marketing Store. For the past six years, Alexandre held the position of Director of Creative Services for Latin America at the multinational company Bamko, specializing in promotional products for various renowned brands.

Throughout his journey, Alexandre has conceptualized over 350 campaigns and overseen the production of more than 5 million units. His collaborations have extended to globally recognized brands, including Burger King, Avon, Ambev, Unilever, Johnsons, Nestlé, Lactalis, Mondelez, Pizza Hut, Shell, Arcor, Fini, BRF, Fiat, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Mattel, MGA, Sega, PlayStation, and TV Globo, among others.
Alexandre Silva
Sean Doyce (CXO at Calibrated Software)

Expertise & Qualifications:

A visionary UI/UX designer boasting over 15 years of industry expertise, Sean led design teams at six startups, consistently proving his creative prowess, innovative ideas, and vast experience.

Sean aims to deliver creative solutions that delight end users while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. He is dedicated to crafting intuitive and innovative product experiences and is always looking for new ways to elevate the UI/UX designs of any product he is working on.
Ashwin Gobindram (Chief Operating Officer at CXR)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Ashwin Gobindram is a New York native, creative technologist, and visionary. His relentless passion for design and innovation led to the birth of One Arm Bandit, co-founded with his brother, Lucky. What started as a small consultancy for mobile app design and development quickly evolved into the powerhouse that is now CXR.Agency.

Today, with Ashwin at the helm, CXR.Agency boasts a diverse team of over 100 people designing and building creative technology solutions at the intersections of mobile, web, cloud, blockchain, AI, and spatial tech. CXR's illustrious clients range from tech behemoths like HTC and Dropbox to luxury icons of the Richemont group, including IWC and Vacheron Constantin.
Ashwin Gobindram
Vsevolod Syzranov (Brand Designer at Surf Agency)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Working in product design for the past 5+ years, Vsevolod mastered his craft at a popular glossy magazine, where he designed everything from covers to layouts and often everything in between.

On a freelance basis, he was renowned for designing premium posters and other printing collateral for various events and festivals. He was also engaged in developing corporate identity, brand identity, brand books, and mobile system designs, and created presentation designs for various commercial projects.
Vsevolod Syzranov
Sayeed Afzal Khan (Director at Wilson Wings)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Sayeed is a seasoned UI/UX professional with over half a decade of experience, specializing in User Research, UX Design, Branding, and Web Design and Development. He's had the privilege of working with top-tier clients from the fintech, blockchain, and EdTech sectors.

He has successfully designed robust investment apps, social crypto gaming mobile apps, and numerous applications for banking service providers. His keen eye for detail and a 6-phase approach to solving UX problems set him apart, standing among Toptal's top 3% global talent. Besides individual contributions, Sayeed's leadership extends to his design agency, Wilson Wings, where he leads a vibrant team of 20, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.
Sayeed Afzal Khan
Alisha Womack (Creative & Design Lead at Wunderman Thompson)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alisha brings over 15 years of experience in visual design and creative leadership with a diverse range of companies including Target, Facebook, Unilever, Walmart, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Etsy, L'Oréal, Papa John’s, Deloitte, and Saint Laurent.

Currently serving as a creative & design lead for one of the world’s most respected advertising agencies, Wunderman Thompson, Alisha excels in inspiring growth for ambitious brands and prides herself in stimulating passion and ideas in others.

The recipient of several industry awards including Most Outstanding Digital Campaign from LVIMA, Most Outstanding Event Marketing Campaign from Event Marketer, Most Outstanding Video Content from The Telly Awards, and Most Innovative Product Launch from Omnicom Media Group, Alisha is a trailblazer in her field and a respected global leader in design.
Alisha Womack

Design Awards FAQ

How many winners will be chosen every month and what will they receive?

There will be a total of 6 monthly winners — one for each category. They will receive:

  • A Dedicated Article in the Design Awards section
  • Newsletter Promotions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Official Design Awards Badge
  • Certificate of Recognition

When and where are the winners announced?

The winners are informed via email at the start of the month, while they are formally announced on every 15th of each month, followed by an email newsletter and a social media campaign the following week.

Candidates who fail to secure an award will receive another email with more opportunities for exposure and lead generation on DesignRush.

In how many categories can I submit my designs?

You can submit as many designs in as many categories as you want – as long as they fulfill the criteria for each category.

What happens if my design doesn’t win?

Design Awards is just one of the many perks of connecting with DesignRush. After announcing the winners, our team will contact you for other opportunities like Design Trends articles, Agency Directory, and Marketplace.

What happens if a brand receives a badge, but their design agency goes unrecognized for their work?

Creative solutions rarely bloom in isolation.

At DesignRush we recognize that design is a collaborative process that combines strategic thinking, creative sensibility, and expert guidance.

This is why Design Awards welcome applications not only from agencies and designers but from brands as well.

If a brand’s submission is awarded, we will gladly extend the award to their design partner if they prove their involvement in the project.

Are there any costs I should be aware of?

You can choose from BASIC ($75), STANDARD ($600) or PREMIUM ($1,500) submission packages to have your designs evaluated. One design per category counts as one submission.

Which package should I get?

BASIC is for freelancers who want to get their feet at the door.

STANDARD is for startup creatives building an impressive portfolio.

Last but definitely not least, PREMIUM is for creative teams who want to make the most out of their exposure on DesignRush — with Agency Listing on top of design recognition.

I paid the submission fee. Does it mean my design/s will be featured?

The submission packages allow us to have your design/s evaluated by the jury. It neither guarantees that your entry will win the competition nor is it an assurance to be featured on DesignRush as the Best Design.

About the Author and Editor

Petar Pesic is a seasoned analyst for video, website, and app designs. His passion for storytelling has led him to become an expert in compelling brand narratives. Local student papers were his training ground for developing a central focus on design, the cornerstone of his professional career. Today, his abilities to articulate the beauty and functionalities of cutting-edge designs make him a valuable asset to DesignRush.
Lensey Etcubañas is an experienced content marketer with proven results. She has worked in advertising, eCommerce, IT, and creative industries for companies like SVEN, Incrementum Digital, and Martha Stewart. Her promotional email sequence plan for a Process Improvement Management Consultancy yielded thousands of dollars in revenue and an 84% CTR. She takes her diverse industry knowledge and editorial experience to her current role at DesignRush.
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