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DesignRush App Design Awards recognize the pinnacle of app innovation, aesthetics, and user experience. Our judging panel, comprised of experienced industry leaders, carefully examines each app for its groundbreaking features and seamless usability. Discover our acclaimed winners' circle, and may they inspire you to join the esteemed competition to gain much-deserved recognition for your app design.

App Design Awards: Winners of 2022

App Design Awards 2022
FIFA LiveScore App Design

The FIFA LiveScores app is an immersive platform with live updates, detailed player statistics, and current football news. It received an award for app design because of its modern UI with a striking color scheme and athletic imagery, ensuring an engaging experience for football enthusiasts.

The app's exciting features include a dashboard with an overview of matches, schedules, and articles for fans desiring deeper engagement. Users can delve into individual player analytics presented through visual data tools. FIFA LiveScores app also offers stories and developments from the football world a great feature to keep fans in the loop.

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FIFA LiveScore App Design
Wonderous' App Design

Wonderous' app showcases Flutter's capabilities as an interactive educational tool. It offers a virtual tour of the world's historic wonders with immersive full-screen sliders. Users swipe through a visually rich interface with vibrant illustrations and smooth animations that enhance engagement.

The app also integrates a global timeline and artifact viewer. These provide historical context and details in an easily navigable format. Wonderous transforms learning into a visually striking journey through human achievement.

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Wonderous' App Design
Cloud 9's App Design

Cloud 9's app reimagines the online dating experience by focusing on deep connections through shared values and interests. The app boasts a legible sans-serif font and a dreamy color palette of blues and purples to evoke calmness and clarity. It introduces a playful "Love Language" quiz to enhance match compatibility alongside a time-sensitive messaging feature to encourage engagement.

By removing ads and unnecessary clutter, Cloud 9 promises a streamlined, user-friendly journey toward meaningful relationships, which in itself is deserving of an App Design Award.

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Cloud 9's App Design
Pet Booking's App Design

Pet Booking garnered an App Design Award because of its user-friendly platform that finds trustworthy pet sitters and luxurious stays for pets. Designed as the Airbnb for pets, it emphasizes ease of use with a simple, intuitive interface.

The app includes detailed pet profiles, GPS walk tracking, and streamlined navigation. With safety in mind, it requires account verification for all users. Illustrations and a natural color palette add warmth that comforts pet owners. This attention to detail and user-centric design contribute to the app's acclaim in the pet care market.

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Pet Booking's App Design
Music Pro's App Design

Music Pro is a worthy app design awardee for harmoniously blending the extensive library of YouTube with the elegance of traditional music platforms. It features a background play function, allowing users to listen to music without keeping the app open.

The interface lets users create personal playlists and browse through region-specific compilations. That, while opting out of video play to save on data usage. The app's color scheme is customizable to reflect the users' preferences. This flexibility in design is a nod to the app's overall commitment to a tailored user experience.

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Music Pro's App Design IMAGE
Medicine Delivery App Design

Cerebrum Infotech's medicine delivery app design simplifies how we access healthcare by providing a seamless purchasing experience. Users can effortlessly search, select, and secure medicines with a user-friendly interface.

The app's robust admin panel and insightful tracking empower vendors and delivery agents, enhancing operational efficiency. Connecting customers with a swift delivery service represents a significant leap in on-demand medical solutions.

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Medicine Delivery App Design
Fitsentive's App Design

Fitsentive's app design boasts an intuitive video library set against a sleek, dark-themed backdrop for comfortable navigation. This well-organized digital space ensures that users spend less time searching and more time sweating.

Standout icons enrich the interface. They guide users effortlessly through workout selections, progress trackers, and social leaderboards. High-resolution lifestyle images are visual pep talks that inspire users to push through their fitness journeys. This smart blend of motivation, functionality, and style makes the app a handy workout companion, and a notable app design award winner.

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Fitsentive's App Design
Hyre's App Design

Hyre's app design revolutionizes HR management for shift-based industries with an intuitive and modern interface. Its user-friendly dashboard streamlines scheduling. A simple yet vibrant color palette enhances navigation and user engagement.

The integrated messaging system and digital timesheet functionality simplify internal communication and payroll processes. Hyre's app embodies the perfect blend of efficiency and contemporary design, setting a new standard in workforce management technology.

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Hyre's App Design
Stronger's App Design

Stronger won an App Design Award in 2022 because it provides a comprehensive fitness experience with custom workout plans, meal tracking, and social engagement features. The UI design boasts a lively mix of pastel colors and clean typography for enhanced clarity and visual appeal.

Users can enjoy personalized music during workouts, track progress with photos and measurements, and access a wealth of fitness information. These tools are neatly packed into an intuitive layout that offers rich functionality without compromising ease of use.

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Stronger's App Design
Israel Railways' App Design

The Israel Railways' app is a practical travel tool that aligns with the best UI/UX practices for easy accessibility and convenience. It features a responsive interface that adapts to users' location and search history. It simplifies the planning of journeys and enhances the travel experience.

With options like nearby station listings, time-efficient route selections, and automatic updates on delays, it exemplifies user-centric design. The app also harmonizes travel-related functionalities with a vibrant, on-brand color scheme and friendly illustrations.

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Israel Railways' App Design
Uber Super's App Design

Uber Super may be a concept, but this app design awardee is a real winner for elevating the standard Uber experience by integrating food delivery with innovative features like grocery shopping and recipe suggestions. The design centers on efficiency by allowing users to complete orders quickly from the app's opening screen.

The onboarding process uses compelling illustrations and concise copy to build trust and educate users on new functionalities. The use of white space for readability, boxy element design for navigation, and Instagram-style stories for meal inspiration make the app's layout intuitive and engaging.

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Uber Super' App Design
iMX's App Design

iMX's app design stands out with its intuitive and secure interface, offering instant cryptocurrency transactions. Its distinct yellow-navy palette and bold graphs facilitate effortless navigation and quick information access.

The simple interface paired with bold sans-serif fonts offers superb readability and enhances the user experience. Integrating a dark UI with coherent color use underscores the app's commitment to contemporary, user-centric exploration.

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iMX's App Design

App Design Awards: Winners of 2021

App Design Awards 2021
eOxegen's App Design

eOxegen's app design revitalizes healthcare management by balancing a vibrant aesthetic with functional clarity. Diverging from the typical sterile designs of medical apps, it employs rounded fonts and bold colors to guide and enhance user navigation.

The UI is neatly segmented, with quick access to health records, insurance details, and fitness data without scrolling. Interactive, friendly illustrations add a sense of ease and comfort. They simplify the delivery of potentially stressful health information, which is one of the reasons they won our App Design Award in 2021.

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eOxegen's App Design
Transport Accessibility's App Design

Transport Accessibility's app design enhances public transit usability through an intuitive and adaptable interface. It offers a responsive design that allows for customized experiences, like adjusting font sizes or the speed of voice-over narrations.

Recognized by RNIB and RNID, the app employs BIDI codes for real-time navigation. Clear visual and audio cues seamlessly guide users. The app supports 24 languages and customizes content to the user's journey to provide relevant infotainment.

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Transport Accessibility App Design
BrewBook's App Design

BrewBook's app design lets brewers remotely manage the beer-making process through complex functions within an accessible design. It offers remote control across brewing equipment, recipe creation and storage, and two user modes for different skill levels.

The app's dark theme is interspersed with bright accent colors for clarity, with over 300 wireframe studies contributing to its design. It provides step-by-step guidance through the brewing stages, adjusting its interface to suit user expertise.

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BrewBook's App Design
Penny App's Design

Penny's app design disrupts traditional financial visuals with a playful interface for UK users tracking lost pensions. It encapsulates the financial sector's conservative aesthetic for bold colors and a retro, geometric design.

Its distinctive use of the GT Flexa typeface complements the app's friendly and approachable character. Navigation is streamlined into three main functions to simplify user interaction. The design, which balances whimsy with the seriousness of finance, appeals across generations and ticks the boxes for winning an App Design Award.

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Penny App's Design
420Trivia's App Design

420Trivia's app design provides a playful and engaging experience that challenges players on various marijuana-related topics. The intuitive design features a minimalist interface with clever use of color and negative space.

It avoids cliché green tones for a fresher look. With real monetary rewards and popular cannabis figures as guest hosts, 420Trivia taps into pop culture to engage a community and reflect its vibrant subculture, making this app an exciting addition to the list of 2021 App Design Award winners.

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420Trivia's App Design
Vantage's App Design

Vantage's app design facilitates park management with real-time insights into the attractions' performance and guest behaviors. The intuitive interface allows staff and guests to navigate the app effortlessly.

Smart Bands integrate convenience into the visitor experience. The app's design emphasizes personalization by letting guests tailor their visit and earn rewards. Colorful graphics and minimalist trends give the app a playful and distinctive personality. These style choices align with the waterpark's vibrant atmosphere.

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Vantage's App Design
Let's Fly App Design

Let's Fly won our award for app design because it streamlines flight searches with its minimalist design, focusing on affordable travel options. It offers a clean, intuitive UI that simplifies navigation to three core areas: finding flights, tracking followed flights, and user profiles.

The app's functionality presents essential flight details without clutter. It uses a modest visual theme with strategic pops of color to guide user interaction. Subtle design touches like curved corners and animated visuals add character without compromising the app's practicality. It's a study in balancing efficient functionality with a user-friendly experience.

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Let's Fly App Design
Hey Bicycle's App Design

Hey Bicycle's app design is a sleek, voice-controlled cycling computer that captures comprehensive ride data. It reflects Dieter Rams' design principles with a minimalist interface that echoes retro and futuristic elements. The app's black, red, and white color scheme adds a sporty flair. Its user experience prioritizes simplicity and voice-command efficiency.

This concept aligns with emerging tech trends that serve racers with unobtrusive and honest design. Although still not a reality, Hey Bicycle represents a vision where technology seamlessly integrates with cyclists' needs.

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Hey Bicycle's App Design
Yaza's App Design

Yaza's app design redefines the real estate sector with its smart UX design. The app allows users to record and map out home and neighborhood tours, making it a powerful tool for agents and prospective buyers alike. The app's dark theme creates a visually appealing and restful environment for viewing property images and videos.

The striking magenta accents and a simple sans-serif font add a stylish touch, while its sleek UI seamlessly integrates a wide array of features, from video recording and editing to chat functionality. This App Design Award winner reflects the brand's mission to reinvent the real estate customer journey with social video, making it a game-changer in the digital real estate sector.

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Yaza's App Design
Skinfy's App Design

Skinfy won an award for app design thanks to its clean interface with abundant white space and a pastel palette. It intuitively categorizes and tracks product use and expiration. Users can easily add products via barcode scanning, creating a visual inventory and reducing waste.

The app's minimalistic design enhances readability, with strategic color accents and consistent typography aiding navigation. It merges aesthetics with functionality by offering tips on eco-friendly disposal.

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Skinfy's App Design
ASOS eCommerce App Design

The ASOS app offers a streamlined shopping experience through a clean, white design, hence crowned with an App Design Award. It simplifies navigation through its extensive yet accessible inventory. It strategically organizes categories and utilizes high-quality images to enhance the minimalist background.

The UI has clear search bars and menu items for effortless browsing. Advanced features include an AR-powered "Match With Style" search and a quick card scanner for expedited checkout. Product pages display detailed images, reviews, and videos, catering to informed purchasing decisions.

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ASOS eCommerce App Design
LIFE Intelligence Personal Growth App Design

The LIFE Intelligence app offers a self-improvement platform with a serene navy-blue theme fostering tranquility. Themed illustrations aid users in exploring core topics about mental resilience and personal growth.

Interactive features like swipeable pages and scientific graphs guide users through managing emotions and developing problem-solving skills. The app employs simple, contrasting typography for legibility. It helps users find balance and self-understanding through a holistic approach to life's challenges.

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LIFE Intelligence Personal Growth App Design

DesignRush App Design Awards Methodology and Criteria

App Design Awards
Brands and agencies interested in joining the App Design Awards must submit their designs for evaluation between the 1st and 25th of the month.

When selecting app design award winners, our jury refers to a clear-cut set of metrics for evaluating an app: impact, creativity, functionality, execution, branding, and overall usability. Jurors then rate each submission on a scale from 1 to 10, the average of which counts as the final grade.

The entire vetting process takes two weeks, after which the winning designs are published and promoted on all DesignRush channels, including social media.
1. Impact:
  • Does the design trigger an immediate response?
  • Does it capture and retain attention?
2. Creativity:
  • Does the design feature creative design solutions?
  • Does the design offer a new perspective, or does it take an innovative approach in terms of techniques, tools, design concepts, and materials?
3. Functionality:
  • Is the design useful? If so, how?
  • Does it achieve its purpose?
  • Does it facilitate and contribute to the user's experience?
4. Execution:
  • Does the design reflect meticulous execution?
  • Is it detail-oriented?
5. Branding:
  • Does the design reflect the brand it represents?
6. User experience:
  • Is the design accessible to all users?
  • Is the design user-friendly and user-focused?

Meet The DesignRush Awards Jury

Design AwardsJury
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy
Alexandre Silva - Alê Toy (Creative Director at Bamko)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alexandre is a Brazilian illustrator, designer, and visual artist based in São Paulo. With a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations, followed by a postgraduate degree in Design, his career spans 19 years of experience, with a notable 13-year tenure at the American multinational company The Marketing Store. For the past six years, Alexandre held the position of Director of Creative Services for Latin America at the multinational company Bamko, specializing in promotional products for various renowned brands.

Throughout his journey, Alexandre has conceptualized over 350 campaigns and overseen the production of more than 5 million units. His collaborations have extended to globally recognized brands, including Burger King, Avon, Ambev, Unilever, Johnsons, Nestlé, Lactalis, Mondelez, Pizza Hut, Shell, Arcor, Fini, BRF, Fiat, Disney, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Mattel, MGA, Sega, PlayStation, and TV Globo, among others.
Alexandre Silva
Sean Doyce (CXO at Calibrated Software)

Expertise & Qualifications:

A visionary UI/UX designer boasting over 15 years of industry expertise, Sean led design teams at six startups, consistently proving his creative prowess, innovative ideas, and vast experience.

Sean aims to deliver creative solutions that delight end users while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. He is dedicated to crafting intuitive and innovative product experiences and is always looking for new ways to elevate the UI/UX designs of any product he is working on.
Ashwin Gobindram (Chief Operating Officer at CXR)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Ashwin Gobindram is a New York native, creative technologist, and visionary. His relentless passion for design and innovation led to the birth of One Arm Bandit, co-founded with his brother, Lucky. What started as a small consultancy for mobile app design and development quickly evolved into the powerhouse that is now CXR.Agency.

Today, with Ashwin at the helm, CXR.Agency boasts a diverse team of over 100 people designing and building creative technology solutions at the intersections of mobile, web, cloud, blockchain, AI, and spatial tech. CXR's illustrious clients range from tech behemoths like HTC and Dropbox to luxury icons of the Richemont group, including IWC and Vacheron Constantin.
Ashwin Gobindram
Vsevolod Syzranov (Brand Designer at Surf Agency)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Working in product design for the past 5+ years, Vsevolod mastered his craft at a popular glossy magazine, where he designed everything from covers to layouts and often everything in between.

On a freelance basis, he was renowned for designing premium posters and other printing collateral for various events and festivals. He was also engaged in developing corporate identity, brand identity, brand books, and mobile system designs, and created presentation designs for various commercial projects.
Vsevolod Syzranov
Sayeed Afzal Khan (Director at Wilson Wings)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Sayeed is a seasoned UI/UX professional with over half a decade of experience, specializing in User Research, UX Design, Branding, and Web Design and Development. He's had the privilege of working with top-tier clients from the fintech, blockchain, and EdTech sectors.

He has successfully designed robust investment apps, social crypto gaming mobile apps, and numerous applications for banking service providers. His keen eye for detail and a 6-phase approach to solving UX problems set him apart, standing among Toptal's top 3% global talent. Besides individual contributions, Sayeed's leadership extends to his design agency, Wilson Wings, where he leads a vibrant team of 20, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.
Sayeed Afzal Khan
Alisha Womack (Creative & Design Lead at Wunderman Thompson)

Expertise & Qualifications:

Alisha brings over 15 years of experience in visual design and creative leadership with a diverse range of companies including Target, Facebook, Unilever, Walmart, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Etsy, L'Oréal, Papa John’s, Deloitte, and Saint Laurent.

Currently serving as a creative & design lead for one of the world’s most respected advertising agencies, Wunderman Thompson, Alisha excels in inspiring growth for ambitious brands and prides herself in stimulating passion and ideas in others.

The recipient of several industry awards including Most Outstanding Digital Campaign from LVIMA, Most Outstanding Event Marketing Campaign from Event Marketer, Most Outstanding Video Content from The Telly Awards, and Most Innovative Product Launch from Omnicom Media Group, Alisha is a trailblazer in her field and a respected global leader in design.
Alisha Womack

Design Awards FAQ

How many winners will be chosen every month and what will they receive?

There will be a total of 6 monthly winners — one for each category. They will receive:

  • A Dedicated Article in the Design Awards section
  • Newsletter Promotions
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Official Design Awards Badge
  • Certificate of Recognition

When and where are the winners announced?

The winners are informed via email at the start of the month, while they are formally announced on every 15th of each month, followed by an email newsletter and a social media campaign the following week.

Candidates who fail to secure an award will receive another email with more opportunities for exposure and lead generation on DesignRush.

In how many categories can I submit my designs?

You can submit as many designs in as many categories as you want – as long as they fulfill the criteria for each category.

What happens if my design doesn’t win?

Design Awards is just one of the many perks of connecting with DesignRush. After announcing the winners, our team will contact you for other opportunities like Design Trends articles, Agency Directory, and Marketplace.

What happens if a brand receives a badge, but their design agency goes unrecognized for their work?

Creative solutions rarely bloom in isolation.

At DesignRush we recognize that design is a collaborative process that combines strategic thinking, creative sensibility, and expert guidance.

This is why Design Awards welcome applications not only from agencies and designers but from brands as well.

If a brand’s submission is awarded, we will gladly extend the award to their design partner if they prove their involvement in the project.

Are there any costs I should be aware of?

You can choose from BASIC ($75), STANDARD ($600) or PREMIUM ($1,500) submission packages to have your designs evaluated. One design per category counts as one submission.

Which package should I get?

BASIC is for freelancers who want to get their feet at the door.

STANDARD is for startup creatives building an impressive portfolio.

Last but definitely not least, PREMIUM is for creative teams who want to make the most out of their exposure on DesignRush — with Agency Listing on top of design recognition.

I paid the submission fee. Does it mean my design/s will be featured?

The submission packages allow us to have your design/s evaluated by the jury. It neither guarantees that your entry will win the competition nor is it an assurance to be featured on DesignRush as the Best Design.

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