The City of Montluçon Great Print Design

The city of Montluçon in France is shaped largely by the path that the Cher river takes through the terrain. The dynamic and semi-natural route has formed the structure and urban rhythm of the city. The river splits the city into two parts: the city center on the right bank, and the other part of the city on the left bank. The ambition of the Montluçon's riverbanks development project was to connect those two shores and their inhabitants.

The City of Montluçon Cool Print Design

The cedilla is a diacritical sign placed under a letter to indicate a change in its pronunciation, as seen in the name of the city of Montluçon. In our designs, the reference to the cedilla stands for the ambition of the urbanization project, which as mentioned, aims at creating a bridge between the two banks of Montluçon.

You’ll notice that the accents placed under the ‘C’ change, with each shape used as the cedilla having some additional meaning or being representative of something related to the area, culture, or people. It allows the print designs to add some additional personality to the brand.

The City of Montluçon Clean Print Design

The designs use a color palette consisting of black, white and emerald green. The black and white do an extravagant job of accentuating the emerald, which is an inspiring and uplifting color which suggests abundance and wealth, from material to emotional well being. The emerald also adds a striking sense of positivity and energy to the print materials, particularly the business cards and banners.

The City of Montluçon Print Design

The typography used through the print materials is quite a wide San Serif font, with the capitalization of the headings being used to send the message of positive change that the development is bringing about.

As a whole, the designs combine the history of the region, the people, and the culture very nicely. The use of positive colors and typography throughout the designs is no accident, and it’s an effective example of how using the right combination of colors, fonts, and shapes can portray a change in a positive fashion.

The City of Montluçon, France is a great print design in the Government and Travel industries.