Mayfair print design by Someone in London

Mayfair’s New Brand Print Design Pays Homage To Timeless London Flair & Provides A Setting For Today’s Consumers

Mayfair is an affluent district in London’s West End. It is a renowned venue of the famous May Fair annual festivities, a tradition that dates back to the late 17th century.

In many ways, Mayfair is not just a city district: it is a lifestyle, turned brand with the help of Someone in London - a branding agency from the UK’s capital that fully comprehends the essence and nature of this upscale neighborhood.

When they set out to develop a new verbal and visual identity for Mayfair, including Mayfair print design, logo and colors, the first thing the agency did was to acknowledge the fact that the district is changing.

Not only are there new shops, new offerings and new places to see – there are also new and discerning audiences from local and global groups.

Someone in London’s Mayfair rebrand needed to connect and “resonate with both current and potential tenants and corporate clients”. To reconcile history, tradition and convention with change, evolution and transformation.

And this is what they did – by rethinking the neighborhood’s entire presence, across digital and print media, in order to successfully introduce it into the new era.

Mayfair print design materials

Sense Of Style And Fashion Is Prevalent In Mayfair Brand Print Design

To re-establish Mayfair for the third decade of the XXI century and refresh its reputation, Someone in London came up with a contemporary identity that speaks to people and resident brands in equal measure (Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin and Roland Mouret, to name a few).

Mayfair’s new bespoke wordmark, typography and print design radiate this changed notion of luxury and shopping.

While Mayfair’s previous brand identity was perceived as unattainable and out of reach for many, the new identity benefits from better accessibility to much wider markets.

When doing a rebrand project, good branding agencies aim to elevate their client's image in the market while retaining the previously loved identity.

Here, the excitement and glamour aren’t lost to Mayfair’s current branding, but it’s now according to people’s affinities and aspirations – not their bank account.

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Mayfair Introduces Electric Blue As The Signature Color Of Modern-Day Luxury And Elegance

The most striking and noticeable Mayfair print design motif is the vivid electric blue color, reminiscent of a shade used on canvases by the 20th-century art misfit, Yves Klein.

This is a new primary color for the district and the brand. Its origins are particularly interesting – it is a nod to the exact shade of blue Mayfair’s property square has on the Monopoly Board!

The electric blue color is a radical departure from the colors usually associated with luxuries, such as black and gold. This is yet another signifier of the evolving notions of affluence and wealth that permeates Mayfair as well.

Mayfair print design outdoor materials

The Logo's “Ribbon” Look And Classy Typeface Set The Tone For The Mayfair’s Artfully Curated New Identity

The “Mayfair” wordmark adopts the outline style, with thick, overlapping lines that create an illusion of negative space within the letters.

The visual theme for Mayfair is a simple pattern that resembles a delicately curved ribbon, with a slight nod to a 3D technique. This ribbon complements other branding elements seamlessly and non-disruptively.

The “ribbon” wave, according to the agency, is “designed to enrich communications and codify Mayfair’s ever-fashionable status in much the same way as a Chanel diamond or Goyard chevron.”

The sans-serif typography, aptly named Mayfair, feels more ornate and embellished than it really is. Its origins are in the classical Roman letterings, which lends yet another dimension of elegance associated with this neighborhood.

Mayfair print design elements

Someone In London’s Brand Print Design For Mayfair Rethinks The Brand For The New Age

Top-class graphic designers would see that these designs are tasteful and inclusive.

It captures the spirit of the iconic district ready to embrace people from all walks of life and add to the melting pot of ideas and styles that make it so distinctive.

Following the upper-class, aristocratic status the area has acquired in the 18th century, Mayfair has taken on a more commercial feel in recent decades.

This new branding and print design reflects the values of a contemporary society that do not feel out of place in a neighborhood packed with high-end residential properties, corporate headquarters, embassies and prestigious hotels

The brand’s bespoke assets are bold and color-driven, fully corresponding with the agency’s “Mayfair. Forever Fashionable.” market positioning for the district.

As Someone in London’s Creative Director, Karl Randall puts it:

“While a significant labour of love for us, I think that extra care, love and attention really shows. Unlike so many underwhelming place branding schemes, this work is deeply considered rather than surface mounted.”

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