Women's Foundation Print Design

Women's Foundation Kicks Off the 25th Anniversary with a Campaign That Evokes Energy and Aspiration

Opening its doors to a young and diverse audience, the Women's Foundation launched a 25th Anniversary campaign that puts inclusivity and forward-thinking at the forefront.

For this project, they tapped the creative genius of Design Ranch to create an incredibly empowering print design across multiple assets, and the result is simply magnificent.

Taking the limelight is the organization's 25th Anniversary gala. The agency used traditional print materials like posters, flyers and tabloid-style brochures to promote the event (Discover other brochures and print designs).

On top of that, they also launched guerilla-marketing tactics all over the city. Way to create hype for such a monumental event!

What made the movement even more meaningful was the campaign's inspiration. The overall design is heavily influenced by the women's suffrage movement, a decades-long fight for women in the United States to earn their right to vote.

This print design is a prime example of taking style inspirations and references from the past and reintroducing it to the modern days. The agency's creative direction hit the bull's eye, considering the organization's target demographics!

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Women's Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign

Impactful Typography and Fluorescent Ink Deliver a Strong Message in Women’s Foundation 25th Anniversary Print Design

As mentioned, this campaign reflects a pivotal time in our history when women took the courage to fight for their right to vote. During this movement, the streets were filled with empowered women carrying huge placards with big and bold one-liner statements.

The designers adapted this type of slogan-inspired messaging for the Women’s Foundation’s 25th-anniversary campaign, which resonates well with a broader audience.

Key campaign statements like “We Work for Change” and “We Work for Results” highlight the organization’s mission of mobilizing a more extensive crowd, especially the youth, to participate in their noble cause.

The campaign was effective in delivering its message. The sans serif font helped in making its point loud and clear. The variations in positioning and tabloid-style layout of the text also added an extra layer of power to the entire aesthetic.

And the best part? The bright fluorescent ink highlights the strong typography and expressive images! Check out this article to learn how to choose the best font for your brand.

Print Design for Women's Foundation 25th Anniversary

Women’s Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign Features Portraits of Prominent Individuals Dedicated to Change

Speaking of images, the portraits used for the various print materials made this campaign super heartwarming and engaging (Take a look at the best marketing campaigns of 2022).

Each poster, flyer and brochure feature a mesmerizing portrait of influential individuals in the movement who actively work toward improving women’s lives everywhere.

The black-and-white portraits evoke strength, straightforwardness and professionalism. The greyscale color shows the prominence of these people and effectively reflects the organization’s dedication to its mission.

Plus, from a design perspective, it’s also the perfect canvas for showcasing the best parts of the print design, like the typography and color story. These portraits were used as the backdrop for all the design elements, making the whole layout look clean, streamlined and well put together.

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Women's Foundation Campaign Print Design

The Clash of Vibrant and Neutral Colors Create a Powerful Color Story in the Women's Foundation 25th Anniversary Campaign

It is always a good idea to take a neutral color palette and add a pop of color to it.

The designers did so by mixing the monochromatic visuals with a bright pink shade. With this color combination, they successfully married two essential qualities of the campaign: modernity and women's empowerment.

Against the black-and-white backgrounds, the vibrant fluorescent ink makes the whole design stand out. The hot pink color also added a neon glow feel to the print design, which the young ones can instantly gravitate to.

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