Alda Events Clean Homepage

Alda Events specializes in bringing people together from around the world with music of all kinds. With a music-centric company, it is no wonder the first thing to greet potential clients is a series of eclectic concert photographs.

Dividing the page in half, the company dedicates one side to photographs and the other to some basic information about the company. A bold, black sans-serif font stands against a white negative background to make the company’s motto really pop.

Prompted by a call to scroll downward, potential clients are immersed in a deep scroll of Alda Events’ story. Short phrases move from the bottom of the screen and disappear through the top of the screen as you scroll. Vibrant and moving photographs of concerts and musical events are put into play as the story’s background, adding true meaning to the company’s focus.

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Alda Events Clean News Page

With an event-based company, there is always something new and exciting in the works. Connected in over 69 countries, Alda Events puts together a well-organized list of concerts and other events they have lined up.

The Events page shows a borderless table where upcoming events are listed beginning with the soonest event. The event name is enlarged and bold, with the purpose of drawing attention.

Event dates are placed to the left while access to the event’s website and where to buy tickets is organized on the right side. Set against a wide negative space, the table is the only focus on the page and easy to read with its centered formatting.

Alda Events Beautiful Gallery

Thinking about having Alda Events help with putting together the perfect event? Check out the company’s Past Events page for a portfolio of previous concerts and more that they have worked on. The page employs a creative horizontal scroll over the traditional vertical scroll to guide potential clients through the different events. Events are showcased with a single photograph to summarize what the event was about. Names of the events are placed to the right and aligned in the bottom corner of each photograph, drawing on the red used in the company’s logo.

Their website captures potential clients through stunning scrolls, easy navigation, and captivating photographs, allowing this website design to rank among the best. 

Alda Events is a beautiful website design in the Entertainment and Professional Services industries.

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