Working Not Working Corporate Homepage

Working Not Working is an online, freelance community that focuses on equipping clients with creative freelancers. It’s this emphasis on creativity that really defines the site and its design. The site is designed to show off not only the creative capacity of their freelancers, but also the experimental and cutting-edge brand Working Not Working is trying to project.

The home page of the site features a UI that emphasizes creativity and utility. The branding and text is edgy and exquisitely crafted, while the body of the page features an informational video, rather than a still image. The video not only explains the impetus of the site, but it also echoes the creativity and experimentation Working Not Working prides itself on. The video background creates a fuller experience for users, while also letting visitors know that the site is a little different and better equipped than others.

Working Not Working Clean Chat Function

The next page has been selected to showcase the innovative chat feature of the site, a unique take on a real-time contact option. At any point during their visit, users are able to select a small icon and see the chat window pop up from the bottom right of the page. They are then able to send a message to several live agents standing by, eager to answer questions or aid in the navigation of the site.

This type of personalization gives Working Not Working an even more involved UX, and it again perpetuates their brand as being innovative and individual. It is the kind of feature that sticks with users, and it helps to promote the site beyond its competitors. The chat feature is a great example of how implementing even just one unique mechanic can launch a site into an entirely different echelon. Designers can promote a brand however they please, but a feature like this creates a prestige that is impossible to ignore.

Working Not Working Clean About Page

One very unique element of the site is Working Not Working’s “About” section, which operates as a single deep scroll through a variety of blurbs and animations. As users scroll past information, new relevant illustrations are seen being drawn in the page’s empty space. This is a responsive and animated feature that creates an incredibly rich sense of personalization, creativity, and innovation. It’s yet another example of a feature that speaks to the prestige of a company. Creating a user experience this unique and involved tells users that they are dealing with a creative and high-powered company unlike any they’ve ever encountered.

Working Not Working is a best website design in the Arts & Recreation and E-commerce & Retail industries.