Moving Picture Clean Homepage

Moving Picture Company, MPC, is an industry leader in special effects and design. Working on cutting edge ad campaigns and blockbuster films, you’ve probably seen their work everywhere.

Upon landing on the home page, the user is greeted by a montage of high resolution videos that appear in a full screen format. The vibrant videography features clips from well known films. Through this feature, the user is immediately engrossed in MPC’s portfolio. The video often spotlights faces of humans and animals looking directly into the camera, further engaging the user in the experience.

Featuring a search function, the transparent, horizontal navigation bar superimposed over the video allows the user to easily navigate the website. A minimalist, white logo appears to the left hand side, reinforcing brand identity without distracting from the expert videography.

The home page features black sans-serif font against abundant, white negative space. The only colors — red, pink, blue and green — appear in a user responsive feature that highlights links as the cursor moves over them.

The rest of the home page utilizes minimal copywriting to sell their brand. Only a few dozen words appear on the entire page, furthering the clean aesthetic and redirecting focus to their videography, MPC’s main product.

Moving Picture Clean Website Design

The other pages on the website serve mostly as interactive portfolios of MPC’s work. Moving through the deep scroll page dedicated to MPC’s filmography, users will be engrossed in full screen video clips from some of MPC’s biggest blockbusters like Wonder Woman and the Jungle Book.

Moving beyond the portfolio section, high resolution images showcase more of their filmography as well as awards won by MPC. The dark negative space serves to direct attention to the images. Text is used only sparsely, allowing the striking images and visual effects to speak for themselves.

Designing a website meant to sell design and special effects services for an industry leader is no simple task. By keeping copy tight and presenting the highest resolution videos and imagery, MPC allows their product to shine against a minimalist website design. Next time you’re at the movies, check the credits. There’s a good chance you’re watching one of MPC’s features.

Moving Picture is a clean website design in the Entertainment and Technology industries.