ESPN Amazing Homepage

ESPN’s Body 2017 showcases an online portfolio for their annual body issue. The photo series is meant to show off the various healthy and fit bodies of professional athletes. Its intention is to dispel the myth that one body type is inherently worse or less than another. By exhibiting diverse bodies at the top of their physical fields, ESPN aims to show people that they, too, can easily be healthy. The design of the page is formatted with hard angles and aggressive coloration. This geometric UI creates a sense of precision and cutting performance, resonating well under the circumstances, as the bodies of each athlete move with equal intention and direction.

ESPN Amazing Website Design

Users can engage with the site in a variety of ways to a plethora of dynamic ends. For instance, here is the page displayed after a user selects a particular athlete from the home page. The UI warps off. All that’s left is a massive image of a high-performing body, standing in equal force and direction. This removal of the UI creates a very powerful UX. By jettisoning the frills, the full impact of the body can be felt. This designer strategically constructed an experience that continually reinvigorates the fervor of the human form.

ESPN Amazing Menu Design

ESPN Body 2017’s menu page visualizes each athlete as a cover for what seems to be a series of magazines. Users can scroll through this menu catalog of athleticism and fitness, feeling the effect of each body as they do so. Here is yet another mechanic that demonstrates the incumbent sense of motion and power built into every body. This scroll of body-centered panels asserts the human form as something to behold and admire—a UX that synergizes terrifically with the impetus of the site. The designer has injected plenty of pages with dynamism, and where they haven't, they've let the body do the talking. Knowing when to accessorize and when to leave a feature alone is a valuable skill for all designers to master.

ESPN - Body Issue 2017 is an amazing  website design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.