E Online Clean Homepage

E! News is one of the most popular celebrity news outlets, so their online platform wastes no time before jumping right into the celebrity gossip their audience is after. As soon as the user arrives at the home page, they are immersed in page after page of new stories.

The dark gray navigation bar at the top of the screen is kept minimal so as not to distract from the stories below. Social media buttons are featured at the very top of the page, alerting the user to E!’s social media presence, all too important in the entertainment industry. As the user scrolls, thehorizontal navigation bar shrinks in size and remains at the top of the user’s screen. This provides easy navigation to the rest of the website, without distracting the reader.

A black bar highlighted with orange appears just beneath the main navigation bar, displaying trending topics, creating a sense of live action coverage and reducing bounce rate.

The home page is heavy in images, but not text. Text is limited to black sans serif headlines beneath pictures, meant to draw readers into the stories. Each image prominently features a well known celebrity, enticing the user to click the image and read on. Images are organized into symmetrical rows, cultivating a clean aesthetic. Videos are interspersed with the images, adding texture and a multimedia element to the page.  

E Online Clean Website Design

E! Online doesn’t just offer celebrity gossip, but also blog posts about beauty and lifestyle. Their beauty blog features striking images of celebrities with articles promising to help you replicate the look of your favorite celeb, paying special attention to spotlight celebrities associated with the E! brand. Symmetrical rows of images set against white negative space with the same gray navigation bar mimic the home page, cultivating brand identity as well as ease of access for the user.

Between celebrity gossip, reality TV, and blog posts, E! Online provides the ultimate one stop shop for the Hollywood obsessed. With clean, corporate design and compelling images, E! cultivates an online platform that perfectly matches their TV presence.

E Online is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation, Entertainment and Fashion & Beauty industries.