Alfa Romeo Best Website Design

The Alfa Romeo Site Fosters A Seamless Buyer’s Journey Through Product Imagery And A Clean Layout

When it comes to innovative design and technology, the Alfa Romeo brand has kept up the pace with bold and powerful designs. From the sharp photography to the clean lines and simple yet complementary color scheme, this automotive manufacturer is certainly striving for success.

The landing page of the Alfa Romeo site is exactly what we expect from such a great brand. Bold colors adorn the page, while the white background creates the perfect contrast for eye-catching vehicles that we’d really love to drive.

This Product page is a great example of the minimalist style used on many of Alfa Romeo's information pages. The solid white background, combined with eye-catching photography and clearly visible text, makes searching for a vehicle easy for users. Scrolling down takes you to an intensive footer menu with hyperlinks leading to the Contact page and more.

One of the great features of this simple page design is the thought put into the UX and UI. Not only is the UI quite simple, including pricing slide bars and several tick boxes for easy search definition, but the gray background of each model image helps to break up the stark white background.

This certainly makes the page easy on the eyes, as well as helping to offset and showcase the bold, red vehicles.

The Contact page features the same minimal design, with plenty of options given. In addition to the basic contact methods, they have included an Announcements section in the left sidebar, which is full of useful links and information.

The deep scrolling style of the site leads down to a footer menu that is present on each page, providing easy navigation to the consumer and keeping them engaged longer. In addition, there is a static interactive menu on the right sidebar that flows out with subsections upon mouse hovering, allowing for even greater flexibility in the browsing experience.

Overall, Alfa Romeo has provided potential buyers with a great site. They are able to learn about the brand, the history, current industry and brand news, and gain in-depth information on the vehicles available, coming full circle to complete their visit with purchase information.

This simplicity and ease of navigation is a stand-out characteristic of the site, foregoing the unnecessary information and bells and whistles in favor of a more sleek, contemporary and traditional design.

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Alfa Romeo Top Website Design

Alfa Romeo’s Intuitive Search & Menu Bars Add A Modern And Comprehensive Edge To The Strong User Experience

Much like the rest of this sleek and minimal web design, the intuitive menu and search bars are blunt and straight to the point. The landing page options that line the top of the page are straightforward and blunt. They offer the necessary information like contact pages and product descriptions.

But it’s the clear, cohesive and fun menu bar on the right-hand side that turns heads, adding a bit more of an edge to this otherwise traditional design.

This menu bar is bold and hard to miss, with a menu of clearly outlined icons that help users navigate the popular areas of the site. They can check out models, find out safety information, learn more about the make and model and even find out where to find these automobiles near them.

This use of icons is extremely professional and classy, adding just a touch of personality to this clear-cut design and aiding users throughout their journey without seeming too frilly, out of place or unnecessary.

And the iconography is sure to grab attention, catching a user’s gaze and leading them to the multiple landing pages that add context to the experience, informing users immediately on the information that matters to them.

Two features in particular that add modernity and comprehensiveness to the site are the “Find A Dealer” and “Search New Inventory” options. These features make it easy for users to search for the make and model they’re interested and lead them to the closest dealership so they can give it a test ride.

These intuitive features live on the menu bar and come equipped with comprehensive search and filter options, an engaging map feature and a clean organizational layout that lists dealerships and models with all the necessary build information clearly visible.

These are also accompanied by the same helpful icons that brought you to these pages in the first place.

And these icons around the site are sure to provide a consistency in branding throughout, informing users and keeping them intimately engaged. And this branding provides them with a sense of trust — the more consistent the branding, the more trust a consumer builds and the more likely they are to complete a purchase.

This website doesn’t play around with creative elements to dazzle and amaze — it gets straight to the point and makes sure its visitors have all the information upfront — and it uses a comprehensive and direct menu bar to do so.

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Alfa Romeo Inventory Web Design

The Alfa Romeo Website Offers Customizable Options That Add Personality & Care To The Brand

The Alfa Romeo site is clean, traditional and informative. But the shining star of this design is the intuitive Build & Price feature that lets you essentially build the car of your dreams with a myriad of personalization tools. You can choose the color, the build and the wheels, as well as the interior, engine and breaks.

These options come pre-selected, but you’re able to make the final decisions, creating the Alfa Romeo luxury car you’ve always wanted. And to streamline the process even more, the price and location you can pick up this model updates in real-time and with every customizable option.

This doesn’t create the car, but it narrows down the listings in a more specific way so that you aren’t wasting your time looking through listings that don’t fit your requirements to a T.

This is an exciting and interactive feature that adds depth and innovation to the Alfa Romeo brand and to the design as a whole. Not many other car dealers allow users to create a custom build and match that to an actual, real-life car. And it gives Alfa Romeo an edge over the competition.

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Alfa Romeo Home Page Website Design

A History Of Alfa Romeo’s Strong Brand Legacy

Alfa Romeo is a luxury sports car manufacturer that’s been in business since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t always known by its iconic name.

Founded in 1906 with the name Società Anonima Italiana Darracq, the soon-to-be Alfa Romeo had a slow start. Cars weren’t selling and the backers of the brand enlisted the help of famous Italian engineer Giuseppe Merosi to build new models.

After 1910, the company got a new name — A.L.F.A., and newer models began production, including the 24 hp models. But under the leadership of Nicola Romeo in 1915, the company shifted gears and began producing military hardware for the Allied powers.

Finally, in 1920, the brand was given the name it’s known for today.

The early 20th century was hard on the brand — with wars shifting production and government intervention that limited their potential. But the brand was still able to establish a prominence in the automotive industry, beginning to create sporty, luxury vehicles in the 1950s and 60s — and continuing to do so to this day.

And now, Alfa Romeo is one of the industries most well-known brands, creating cars that are known for their exteriors and well as for what’s under the hood. And to emulate this prestige and power, the brand knew they had to take this persona into the digital world.

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Alfa Romeo Logo

This Alfa Romeo Web Design Oozes Luxury With The Help Of Its Branded Logo

These cars exude luxury, and you can feel that tangible grace in this web design. More importantly, you can feel it in the stunning logo design that sits at center stage.

At the top of the design, situated right at the center, is the Alfa Romeo logo. And it doesn’t disappear as you scroll, instead standing strong and resolute.

This logo design is a badge of sorts. It’s a crest that has been with the brand for decades and stands as one of the oldest and most recognizable car brand logos that exists today. The badge has a few parts — the blue circle that encases the images within, and the images themselves.

On the left is a red cross which is a nod to the carmaker and its hometown — Milan. On the right is a serpent with a man in its mouth. This is a prestigious symbol, the crest of one of the oldest families of Milan — the Visconti family that is said to have ruled Milan.

The logo is said to represent rebirth and growth — for the brand, its cars and its prestige. And it certainly works. It’s a proud symbol that is impossible to ignore, and the colors used in the logo are instantly recognized on the site. The bright red of the cross catches your eye and then boom, the luxurious red cars fill your gaze.

This logo design stands atop the site like it’s looking over it, ruling over its domain. It’s extremely eye-catching and oozes excitement, sophistication and elegance.

Alfa Romeo Clean Website Design

The Alfa Romeo Web Design Makes The Buyer’s Online Experience A Priority

Traditional influences are heavy in the Alfa Romeo web design — from its clean layout, straightforward organization, direct CTAs and emphasis on product imagery. This website wants to leave no stone unturned, connecting users with good, old-fashioned luxury cars like they used to make them.

There’s a luxury here — the automobiles standing front and center and making that readily apparent. And the simple icons aid in that regalness — they give off a professional air that guides users seamlessly on their journey.

But this luxury can also be seen in the strong, emblematic logo that sits at the top center of the design, looking over it with a sense of honor and prestige.

It’s a badge — much like the badges of honor and awards of excellence this car brand has won. And the colors in the logo grab attention almost immediately in the design, standing out and making an impact that keeps branding consistent and clean.

An emphasis on product imagery and a stoic, traditional logo leave whimsy on the sidelines. It’s not needed in this design that puts automobiles first.

But there is some fun when it comes to the navigation bar, with clever icons and an intuitive interface that provides users with all the necessary car and manufacturer information, putting them in contact with the car they want, and where they want it.

This is a design that stands out for its simplicity, and its subtle, sophisticated nod to its years-old brand — full of heritage, honor and prestige.

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