Packaging Papazian Amazing Homepage

Papazian produces some of the best jewelry, mannequin jewelry, and display bases in the world. Their website reflects their innovation with a modern design and unique details showcasing the company's personality and experience.

The design has an exquisite color palette that utilizes gray tones, a powder color that conveys the elegant character of the products, and a peachy orange that represents the brand's character and extensive experience.

Papazian tells the story of production brilliantly, illustrating the creative process from blank paper to a final hand-crafted product. The website also features a product catalog. 

The homepage displays a custom video that is divided into four chapters which speak on heritage and craftsmanship while simultaneously introducing the company. This video does an excellent job of evoking an emotional experience from the user. 

Packaging Papazian Amazing Menu Design

The drop-down menu for Papazian accessed through the hamburger icon, reveals a stunning three-column menu design. The combination of serif and sans serif fonts compliment each other while adding a level of sophistication to the page. The menu is broken up into columns to establish a hierarchy, and other landing pages are featured to the left under contents. The hover state on these links is a simple type change from white to orange; however, the hover state on the product information contained in the center column is a nice rectangle band that fades in and separates the subpages from the landing pages.

Rounding out the menu is a upcoming event feature, which allows the company to highlight specific events that might have been missed in the body content section of the site.

Packaging Papazian Amazing Website Design

The “Product Detail” page is executed with timeless elegance.

All elements on the product detail page are carefully and beautifully laid out. The delicate lines and fonts compliment the subtle color palette. It's extremely functional, and has breadcrumb and back buttons at the top of the page, in addition to a “Contact Us” call to action for more information. Users can very easily navigate between products through arrows on either side of the page. 

The photo gallery displays high-quality product images -- in many sizes and multiple views -- through a popup. The “Related Products" section gives users easy access to view more products.

This website exudes traditional and historic flavors of craftsmanship beneath a refined, modern look. This site strongly indicates the nature of its business and innovation in manufacturing.

Packaging Papazian is an amazing website design in the E-commerce & Retail and Fashion & Beauty industries.