OTQ Elegant Website Design

OTQ is founded by designer Matteo Congiu, the last link of the generation chain of the great carpentry family Sud Legno. OTQ turned into a real business idea based on cork and its applications in the design industry in 2015. Now, after an intense period devoted to the improvement of the brand and the scientific nature of OTQ, the product “Bisu” has been introduced on the international market. This website presents the features of innovative product and the culture behind it.

To understand the concept of this interface design, we have to know the meaning of “Bisu,” and its cultural background of sleep beforehand. “Bisu” means “dream” in Sardinian language, and represents a dreamlike metaphor of sleeping well. In order to show the sensorial and tactile product features, and transform the harmonic and aesthetic pursue along with the cultural essence, the chosen visual language — bright, light, and airy look and feel is understandable.

Hence, using majority of white space is topped with delicate italic font types, elegantly-displayed messaging, simple color palette, and huge full-width images all help to achieve the design goal. The infographic and iconography approach is also used to explain the sleep culture at some point. The overall design achievement is well-suited to the brand and the product. Functionality-wise, it’s easy to follow and fully responsive.

OTQ is an elegant website design in the Architecture and Manufacturing industries.