Arnold & Itkin LLP Website Design Homepage

Leaders in the industry of maritime law. That’s what Arnold & Itkin LLP bring to the table when you hire them.

With such a specific niche, the company presents a thematic front when you enter their site. A stunning image of the ocean’s surface is animated with slow-moving waves, creating a calming effect as you stare at the screen.

As you scroll down the page, you’re given the illusion of diving deeper into the depths of the ocean. Imagery is replaced with a deep blue background to simulate the ocean right down the floating particles you’d find in the water. The amazing website design is easy to lose yourself in.

As you move down the page, sea elements are continuously added to the visuals. Blue is the primary color utilized, incorporating a wide number of shades from light to dark. The homepage offers a sneak preview of everything you’ll find on the website. This simple preview combined with the color scheme truly gives you an understanding of what the company focuses on as a whole.

The most vibrant part of the page remains the menu found at the top of the page. Contrasting the dark design, the horizontal menu is showcased in bright white to catch your attention. There’s no way you’ll lose where it is on the site! As a bonus, it travels with your scroll so it’s a good thing it stands out.

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Arnold & Itkin LLP Web Design News

Keep up with maritime lawsuits as well as advancements in Arnold & Itkin LLP by utilizing their news network. The page takes on a simplified appearance, opting to let each article preview in a full-screen format. This pulls your eyes to focus on the title and description preview without distraction, giving you the full impact of whether you want to read it or not.

As you scroll, keep your eyes peeled for related topics tags. The tags are there to assist with navigation around the news section, allowing you to isolate specific topics of interest from the rest. It creates a user-friendly interface where you’re in control of how you break down the page.

Arnold & Itkin LLP are maritime lawyers who take their business to the next level by the use of a thematic design to pull users into the depths of the ocean as they dive through the company’s site. The bold choice makes for a quirky and fun user experience that is sure to stick with them.

Arnold & Itkin LLP is a great website design in the Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries. 

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