WoosterHound Creative Website Design

We love everything rustic and vintage. The type of imagery used on this website's banner just works, from the elements to the colors to the font face. And when you have great photography, it's a lot easier to have a beautifully designed website. As you scroll, you get to know more about the company. The first section has a content slider explaining who they are, from their history to the people collaborating with the company. The next section is all about the services, again presenting the content in a slider.

I must say that these sliders are slightly confusing design-wise, considering that they start with an introduction and then continue to a more specific explanation of what they do. Even though you get what they are trying to tell you, I'd much rather have the introductory text before the slider itself. Other than that, it's a beautiful website that makes use of both photography and nice illustrations, creating that old world vibe that is oh so popular these days.

WoosterHound is a creative website design in the Professional Services industry.