Young and Hyperactive Stunning Homepage

Young and Hyperactive is an energetic, upbeat branding and design agency that focuses on keeping projects lighthearted and in tune with a younger generation. Located in Germany, the company utilizes a dual-language platform accessible at the bottom of the deep scroll landing page.

While Young and Hyperactive uses crisp and clean photographs to show off what they have done, the main color scheme of the overall website employs combinations of red, blue, and white. The minimal approach to color keeps the images and projects the main focus of the company.

Young and Hyperactive Stunning Gallery

Young and Hyperactive makes it easy to dive into the different projects they have developed or are currently working on. Each case study debuts what the project is, but takes a conversational approach to talking about the project. Young and Hyperactive focuses on sharing their personal insights on the project, what challenged them, what excited them, and what they took away from the project.

Young and Hyperactive has added a variety of projects to their “Case Studies” page to give potential clients the ability to see a wide-range of assignments the company is able to handle.

Young and Hyperactive Stunning Website Design

The website for Young and Hyperactive is expansive and filled with a ton of information for clients and potential clients alike. As a result, the company takes the time to break the tension of staring at a flat screen by offering the site visitors the opportunity to play a game. The asteroid game is made available halfway down the landing page.

The game is not only entertaining and interactive, but it also speaks volumes to what the company is capable of creating. The dual purpose only amplifies the company’s abilities, creating a great way to get their message across to potential clients.

Young and Hyperactive Stunning Website Design

Self-proclaimed geeks, Young and Hyperactive continues the fun and eclectic spin on the website by offering a fun contact form for potential clients to reach out them. Taking on three geeky platforms, the contact form is super simplistic. Users need to only alter a piece or two of the text by adding their important information. To add to the excitement of reaching out to the company, potential clients can choose between three different colloquial options: Cowboy, Yoda, and Pirate.

Young and Hyperactive’s playful website design, equipped with bright colors and even a fun game, encourages users to explore every page of information they provide. The UX is consistently bright and friendly.

Young and Hyperactive is a stunning website design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.