Astin Martin real estate website design

Aston Martin Residences is an exclusive real estate venture that arose out of the partnership between the British manufacturer of luxury sports cars, Aston Martin, and the Miami-based real estate company G and G Business Developments.

This iconic collaboration not only resulted in a place to reside but rather in a prestigious, one-of-a-kind building that is a symbol of grace and elegant living.

The real estate industry is a highly competitive one. And for this building, at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in downtown Miami, to cut through the noise, these companies invested in professional web design.

They are dedicated to creating user-friendly experiences through visual stimulation and pages that are easy to use and navigate.

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real estate website design - navigation menu

The Simple Navigation Menu Increases Visitors Retention

Aston Martin Residences’ top bar navigation menu keeps it easy breezy for visitors with simple, horizontal design on the right side of the page.

It is nice, clean and practical without any distractions to drag the visitor’s attention. There are short, expressive and grey-colored descriptions that turn white once users hover over them.

The navigation menu perfectly fits into this real estate website design and is easily approachable which enhances the user experience.

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real estate design - bold typography

The Big Bold Typography Holds The Readers’ Attention 

When used strategically, typography can be an effective design element. And Aston Martin Residences’ designer perfectly combined big bold headings with the site’s layout and visual content.

With the aim to make their users understand their message and keep them interested in the pages, they used reader-friendly fonts that are clean and easy to consume.

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animation efffects

The Brief Animation Effects Increase The User Engagement

Moving around the website and navigating from page to page, users can see slight animation effects capturing the visitors’ attention and enticing them to engage.

real estate web design - motion elements

The residence images in the gallery automatically zoom in and zoom out adding fun and playfulness to the site.

real estate web page design

The floor plans page allows exploring the location of the lobby, apartments and amenities within the building.

The brand used slight animation to highlight different floors and increase the interest level. This is also a great tool that can boost the visitors’ ability to recall certain details about the residence.

And overall, all these brief effects increase the audience engagement which ultimately results in higher conversions.

Aston Martin uses high-quality images

The Brand Uses Professional Images To Convert Its Leads

The brand used stunning and high-quality images to immerse its visitors into the world of its residence.

There are gorgeous landscapes and elegant styles that take up most of the web design offering the visitors to take a look at the place and explore its beauties.

Aston Martin used the power of visual content to make users fantasize about the place and create a sense of urgency. They entice visitors to buy their ideal homes which makes their real estate web design effective.

negative space

The Usage Of Negative Space Drives Attention To The Key Elements 

This real estate website design is characterized by minimalism and the usage of negative space makes the website more user-friendly. The clean and simple layout improves readability and allows visitors to consume the content efficiently.

This technique is one of the most popular trends in real estate web page design because of its effectiveness to draw the users to the important elements that sell. And Aston Martin Residence nailed the combination of negative space, written and visual content.

The uncluttered background and layout allow for the residence photographs and amenities to stand out and capture the users’ attention.

They let visitors get familiar with the place while keeping them interested and making them take action.

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Aston Martin's press page

The Press Page Enriches Their Design And Improves Their Marketing Strategy

On Aston Martin Residences’ website, there is a clean and simple designed news and press page.

Beautiful images accompanied by big lettered titles, bold publisher names, dates, short descriptions and clear CTAs entice the visitors to read the articles.

The brand has been featured on different websites and incorporated social proof to strengthen its brand image, boost its credibility and improve its selling strategy.

Real estate website design appointment page

The "Schedule A Meeting" Form Improves User Experience

This real estate web design offers an outstanding form allowing its users to schedule meetings with the brand. Potential buyers can choose among several options like date, time and language preference.

With this appointment form, users can get in touch with the brand easily and quickly which increases the user experience with the website.

Aston Martin Residences is a compelling web design in the real estate and architecture industries.

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