Rainforest Foods Beautiful Landing Page

Welcome to Rainforest Foods, where the wholesome goodness of the rainforest comes together with food to create something wildly nutritious.

Turn up the volume on your computer and let your mind retreat back into nature as you fall into the beauty that is Rainforest Foods’ homepage.

Slow-moving animations bring the rainforest to life right before your eyes. Birds flap their way across your screen in the distance as you find yourself taking in the forest. Rich colors combine with pale ones to create the feeling of sunrise right on your screen. The bold words of “return to nature” are found in the center of the page, strengthening the dynamic atmosphere. Between the details in the leaves and the rolling mountains in the back, you don’t feel like you’re at your home anymore.

With such a stunning set up, the contrastingly simple menu page design offers you visual reprieve. The dark background is relaxing, making the bold lettering on the page the focal point for your eyes. Contrasting white, black and gray hues create a monochromatic design that draws your focus down the screen with ease.

The menu lets you quickly navigate around the site by limiting your options and utilizing the full space for fast reading. You’re not lost in searching for where to go and are able to put your attention elsewhere with ease!

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Rainforest Foods Beautiful Website Design

Ready to truly immerse yourself into the beauty the rainforest has to offer? Take yourself on an adventure yourself through Rainforest Foods’ About page. Working to make your experience unique, the page uses a horizontal scroll -- just move your mouse left and right.

A single panoramic photograph takes you through some of the highest peaks of the rainforest, filling your page with dense fog. The imagery is breath-taking; you'll feel yourself moving through the trees as if you’re truly there. The atmosphere is heightened with the use of slowly moving effects. As you stop to read the offered up information, the fog trickles in and fades right before your eyes for a truly realistic experience.

Rainforest Foods creates a user experience like no other by combining brilliant and realistic imagery with calming music. The two elements guide users into a breath-taking world where they can pleasantly experience how the rainforest inspires the food sourcing company. 

Rainforest Foods is a beautiful website design in the Agriculture, E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.

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