Boorbool Awesome Homepage

Good book is a communication agency based out of Lyon France. Their business hinges on the irreplaceability of their services and consultation. To create a site that equally discerned itself from the pack, they designed it in a way that exudes enigma and the uncanny.

This homepage is emblematic of this decision, as the color scheme and content of the back image is holistically indecipherable. Why would they choose to put dark blue against light blue? Exactly because it makes you ask that question. Because when clients click into this site, they won't know exactly what they're in store for, but they know it won't be like anything else around.

This homepage speaks uniqueness, experimentation, and modernity. It makes Boorbool out to be a 21st century company with impeccable taste and style. Though their services don't exactly synergize with graphic design, implementing richly stylized graphics still elevates the image of the company.

Boorbool Awesome Menu Design

This menu page fluidly emerges from the border of the page. The angular graphic gives the site, a sense of depth and continues the trend of uncanniness present throughout the site.

Rather than going the simpler route, and incorporating a standard drop down menu, the designer has added a shot of dynamism and intrigue. This compounds Boorbool’s brand initiative while also providing a more involved user experience. That’s the value of this design; that through enigmatic design and dynamic formatting, the UX and image of the company are inextricably linked and enhanced.

Boorbool Etsy Page

Finally, let’s examine this externally linked Etsy page that’s been embedded within one of the pages of the site. This mechanic of linking users out to different sites is a very effective way of managing a more comprehensive user experience.

You fully immerse users in the complete world of the company and draw traffic to the client’s various web presences. This is an example of how talented designers can contain users within the scope of a brand, even after they’ve left the site.

A truly powerful design is one that can exceed itself and sustain a branded user experience even longer than they’re using the site. By navigating users outward to new branded spaces, you build a design that extends a company's reach beyond their previous capacity.

Boorbool is an awesome website design in the Advertising and Professional Services industries.