Library Creative Homepage

Concept Library is a website dedicated to creating easy, plugin website designs for companies to try out. They eliminate the hassle behind designing a website by making it simple for users to preview what the design would look like with their personal or business information. The landing page immediately displays an array of designs made by Concept Library to entice viewers to continue looking through the site.

Concept Library offers a combined package of twelve different web designs that users can customize however they need for the low cost of $49. This price offer is continuously made available in the bottom corner of the landing page, depicted as a brilliant red dot against a black background meant to draw the eye of the user.

Consumers can scroll down to learn more about the project, its various aspects, and how it will personally benefit them.

Library Creative Website Design

From the home page, users can select a single menu option on the bottom of the page. Clicking this button opens a hyperlink to a brand new browser page where consumers are able to scroll through all twelve templates in-depth. The deep scroll breaks down each template by its individual elements and what it can be utilized for.

Library Creative Product Page

Concept Library also displays a wide variety of other products that can help a potential client’s web-based endeavors. Through the use of a side menu, users can view each product and what it would cost to buy such resources.

Available on all pages, Concept Library inserts a number of hyperlinks that connect users to social media. On the side of every page, consumers are offered social media buttons that allow them to directly share Concept Library’s opportunity to their own social media pages. Additionally, a series of buttons are made available to open new browser pages where consumers are able to follow Concept Library on social media.

Concept Library makes it incredibly easy for consumers to get the help they need when it comes to their products and how to use them. Users simply have to open up the message platform in the bottom right hand corner. While the response may take up to a few hours, users are guaranteed to receive direct reply from someone qualified to help them.

Concept Library is a creative website design in the Technology industry.