Click 3X Clean Website Design

Click3x is a video and digital design and production company that creates state of the art projects for their clients. Their unique website design showcases the brand's identity well.

Taking a bold risk, the company trades out a standard homepage for that of a showcase of the work that they have done. Presented in a shared sides grid formatting, the company puts some of their absolute best reels on display as the first thing potential clients see when coming to the landing page. These reels are a combination of various colors and easily discernable from one another, but still seamlessly molded together. Each video is smartly labeled with a center aligned title made to stand out in white font.

Click 3X Best Web Design Portfolio

When clicking on a project, potential clients are greeted by a single item page. Getting rid of descriptions, Click3X utilizes each reel as a way to fill the entirety of the space on the page. Dynamic styles are used depending on the reel from animation to realism. Turn up the volume because each video has a strong audio foundation potential clients will not want to miss out on.

In the surrounding white space at the top and the bottom of the embedded video, potential clients will find the name of the video printed out in a vibrant red font so as to make it stand out.Users are able to skip going back and forth to the company’s showcase by using navigation arrows on another side of the video’s title.

Click3X uses a hamburger button menu, which is accessible on any page of the website through the upper left corner. The button is small enough to keep from distracting, but still large enough to be noticeable.

When clicked on, a red color block opens up over the page being viewed. The company’s name is the center of the header in all white. Below the header, each page title is aligned perfectly with the overarching website design in a center formatted menu. Each page title is evenly spaced from the others to retain the attention of its own.

Relying on vibrantly bright colors in combination with animations and imagery, Click3X’s clean website design maintains a visually dominant platform. 

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