Bowlero Colorful Homepage

Bowlero was looking to redesign their current website and elevate the brand by creating something that showcased the “fun” factor for adults. We wanted to show that bowling has evolved into more than just something fun for the kids, but a great night out with friends allowing one to “wake up, with a story to tell.”

Full-width video right off the bat describes the vibe and raw emotion one gets when visiting your local Bowlero lanes. A dark background was used to differentiate and set the mood of the site. A clear call to action to find your location is prominent with the brand messaging, and allows the user to enter city and state, zip code or use geo location to map your current location.

Bowlero Colorful Products Page

The navigation menu color palatte is color coded to match the sections they represent, making it easy to identify with the specific section you are viewing. The professionally-shot photography matches the look and feel of the site, while exuding details, energy, and overall enjoyment that would be expected.

Bowlero Colorful Events Page

The parties and events section of the homepage includes imagery related to the party or event that is highlighted to the right. Clicking the occasion link allows the photography to update as well as unique calls to action to appear for direct booking or more information.

Bowlero Colorful Website Design

The parties landing page starts off with an important call to action to book now, followed by three clear categories with jump links, which provide additional information about these sections. Should the user want more information, there is a link to learn more which takes you to a detail page full of videos and information.

Bowlero is a colorful website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.