Strava Clean Homepage

Ready to explore your athletic side and discover the best physical version of yourself that you can? Strava has you covered!

Strava is a state-of-the-art athletics app that allows athletes to track and analyze data gathered from their physical endeavors. The company uses a high-resolution photograph of athletes doing what they do best to introduce users to their home page. The vibrant photograph is combined with a large, white sans serif font to create a dynamic and inviting interface for users.

Additionally, the home page incorporates an immediate call to action in the header of the page. A number of buttons stand out against the white negative space, enticing users to sign up.

Strava Clean Website Design

Theuse of high-resolution photographs as headers is the theme across the website. A header menu in white sans serif font lists the available pages and utilizes an underscore to differentiate between what’s currently being viewed. The photographic header of the page ties the company's static color of bright orange with more call to action buttons, enticing and exciting users to join in the adventure.

Beneath the fold, users can scroll through a variety of information about the app. Against a pale gray negative space, a common, black sans serif font is combined with a series of high-resolution photographs for a clean presentation. Embedded in the page, the company includes a number of app-oriented effects to showcase the way the app works. The embedded effects are a simple and smart way to give users an idea of what the app does without being overwhelming.

Strava Clean Login Window

Ready to dive in and begin your adventures with Strava as your companion? Using any one of the number of the “Join” call to action buttons, users are able to sign up through the website. Utilizing a black text box against a photographic negative space, the company uses a simple plugin form for users to submit to start the joining process.

Scaling mountains and adventuring through the woods is an exciting way to spend any day, and Strava is there to make it memorable. Their use of high-resolution photographs reflects the adventure waiting for users, inviting them to use the app.

Strava is a clean website design in the Sports & Leisure and Technology industries.