Revisionist History Great Homepage

Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast, Revisionist History, attempts to explore some of the most overlooked moments in history. He aims to contextualize them in a way that is more relevant and captivating today. Gladwell is the architect of the experience and the unique mind from which the perspective of the show stems. As such, the designer of Revisionist History’s website has constructed a home page that emphasizes the merging of Gladwell’s perspective and historical actualities.

By laying out a repeating image of Gladwell’s face in a formal black and white graphic interface, the designer has cemented the idea that Revisionist History is centered around the perspective of Malcolm Gladwell. This demonstrates how designers need to be conscious of who their client is and how people perceive them. By using Gladwell’s likeness, the designer has provided an accurate, effective brand image for the show.

Revisionist History Great Website Design

Revisionist History’s “About” section attempts to explore the idea, values, and mission of the show. It’s laid out in a way that linearly mixes media, presenting text that leads into a video, then leads back into text. This creates a tiered multimedia experience that explains the show in an entertaining, dynamic way. There’s a small menu to the right from which users can listen to particular episodes, making it easy to jump from learning about the show to experiencing it.

Revisionist History Clean Catalog Page

The product page is a catalog of past episodes, and it has been designed to foreground the importance of the episodes. Rather than crowd the frame with nuanced graphics or interface, the designer has presented the podcasts in very large blocks that occupy the majority of the space. Check out best podcast website designs here.

This gives a sense of weight to the otherwise intangible podcast. Users will now feel like they have a true representation of the show and its particular significance. Here, users see how designers can use blank space to communicate magnitude, just as easily as they can use a cacophony of graphics. This designer has placed only a handful of strategic lines to give everything a space and a shape.

Revisionist History is a great website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.