BBC Worldwide Awesome About Page

BBC Worldwide’s career site is specifically engineered to recruit top-tier talent and to promote the company’s brand as a premiere workplace and employer. They aimed to create a site that would exude global prestige and professionalism in every way.

The home page features a mass scale view of the cosmos, evoking a sense of scale and magnitude. This page establishes BBC, as its name would suggest, as a worldwide force and global success. The scope and prestige inspires users with a sense of desire and aspiration. The UX this page creates is one of admiration and relative scale. Users will feel that pursuing a career with BBC Worldwide will give them the sense of being a part of something greater than themselves.

Now let’s examine the “About” page. Again, it creates the visual game of contrasting dense professional text with another massive and exciting background. This continues to promote the exact brand BBC Worldwide represents while also attracting top-tier recruits looking for a comprehensive work experience.

What’s more, this “About” page is also embedded with a search bar, so users can find the exact information they’re looking for. Oftentimes, users have to comb through a dense body of text to find information relevant to their concerns. BBC Worldwide has usurped this process and given users more control over their own experience. This very simple feature streamlines the user experience, creates a more comprehensive UI, and helps viewers get to the information they need to be convinced they should work for this company. This is an example of how designers can improve UX by giving some of the control to the users.

BBC Worldwide Slider Design

The slider showcases some of the strongest testimonials current and past employees have submitted about working for BBC Worldwide. This creates a UX that not only reinforces the quality of BBC Worldwide’s brand, but also provides users with an insight into the type of workplace and coworkers they can expect to be dealing with. This testimonial slider endorses BBC Worldwide as a brand, workplace, and professional community. This creates a powerful candidate conversion UX and instills users with a sense of excitement and confidence in potentially working for BBC Worldwide.

BBC Worldwide is an awesome website design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.