Burfa website design by Zgraya Studio

Burfa Website Design Is Divided Into Two Sections: “For People” And “By People”

Burfa is an investment company from Tallin, Estonia, working mainly with IT, fintech and data service sectors. Their name is an abbreviation of Burkina Faso, the name of the African country that translates as “the land of honest people.”

The name’s meaning is a reflection of their brand mission statement that is also prevalent in their website design, courtesy of Zgraya Digital, a full-service digital agency.

Burfa website design emphasizes this people-oriented nature of the company right off the bat. When the visitor lands on the home page, the screen is divided into two halves: upper “For People” and lower “By People”, in contrasting monochrome shades.

The former signifies that Burfa website is where potential clients and investors can find all the important information about their projects. The latter adds a personal touch to this business by introducing the team behind the company in a very unique manner. The agency employed the services of a photographer whose clients are “pop stars and presidents.”

Both sections convey the values, enthusiasm and the spirit of the company. This dualism is also present in their operations and the way they work: they are dedicated locally while working globally; young, yet experienced; tech-focused, yet mindful of technology’s humane aspect.

And finally – they are dependable, but not conservative. And that happens to be the essence of Burfa website design as well.

Burfa website design

Burfa Website’s Responsive Animated Elements Entice User Engagement

Professional web designers understand the importance of delivering a bold visual statement to effectively translate a brand's values and mission.

In the case of Zgraya Digital's website, using light objects that become animated upon user interaction is a daring and innovative visual element that serves this purpose. They complement every piece of messaging that explains the company’s philosophy and brand mission.

The lights form different shapes for every unique value proposition copy. By interacting with these elements, visitors prolong their time on page, making this a very clever way to boost engagement rates.

Burfa website by Zgraya Studio

Full-Screen Menu Navigation Delivers Contact Info And A Neatly Designed Map

Among the website’s most intricate UI elements is the timeline-type navigation on the right-hand side of the screen.

It opens a sliding menu that lists Burfa’s areas of expertise and a portfolio of previous projects. The thin lines and light typography resemble an 80s retro-console user interface.

Clicking on the “Menu” link in the top-right corner opens up a full-screen navigation containing links to essential stages of the conversion funnel.

This is also where Burfa’s contact information is stored, along with their address and a monochrome map of Tallin with a pulsating dot indicating the location of their headquarters.

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Burfa website design by Zgraya

Burfa Website’s Hierarchy Of Messaging And UVPs Forms A Meticulous User Journey

Another way the visitor can go through all of Burfa’s services and projects is simply by scrolling. This action will not see the visitor move down the page but rather shuffle through the company’s different messages that may be of interest to them.

Once the visitor reaches the end of the first section – either by scrolling to the end or by clicking on “By People” at the bottom - they are transferred to the section that talks about the company.

This section uses contrasting, light cream color in the background. The Sans-Serif typography is even more legible here than in the “darker”, upper section of the site since it’s now the content in focus.

This section of the user journey provides insight into the company’s origins, capabilities and story. The site introduces the company’s leadership, giving each team member a face via high-end photography and copies summarizing their professional and personal achievements.

The carousel-effect reel of Burfa’s employees concludes the home page user journey as the visitor reaches the website’s footer.

Burfa website design by Zgraya Studio

Burfa Website Design Is A Union Of Retro Aesthetics & Futuristic UX

Burfa’s website comes across as uniquely retro-oriented as much as it is futuristic and forward-thinking. Branding experts often blend these two artistic choices to create a distinct visual style that captures attention and conveys nostalgia and innovation.

A very unusual layout and a division of the website’s content into two halves demonstrate Zgraya Digital’s out-of-the-box thinking in developing this website.

Burfa website design is all about precision, economical use of colors and story-driven user journey.

The user experience is enhanced through the use of clever engagement tricks, such as light objects that shift and transform as the user hovers over them. The navigation is seamless and easy to understand, despite its complexity.

People don’t expect this from an investment company, so it’s a design feat that Burfa’s website managed to be professional without looking boring.

Effectively communicating their brand and services while keeping the visitors engaged is enough to warrant them this Best Design Award.

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