Campbell Ewald Best Web Design Homepage

Creating emotionally charged branding for companies wanting to facilitate a strong connection with their consumers is what Campbell Ewald bases their business on. Fearlessly innovative, they deliver big ideas with big results.

An elegant entrance is exactly what you can expect when you enter Campbell Ewald’s website. A non-descript photograph of the inside of an office takes on low lighting for a hazy appearance to the entire page. The effect brings forward the only words on the page: the company’s name. Centered and a vibrant white in color, you know exactly where you’re at. The presentation is minimal and beautifully engineered, building up an intrigue for what lies beyond the photograph.

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Campbell Ewald Top Website Design

Every brand has a journey and Campbell Ewald is no exception to this. A diverse range of elements come together to create the company About page.

Moving text boxes carry the weight of the page. Black and white text bars roll up and down the page to cover photographs lined up to be the background. The moving text bars instead of moving background is unique and a fun way to contradict what you’re used to seeing on websites.

The contrasting colors make for easy reading, letting you take in every bit the company has to offer up about themselves without distraction. It’s the perfect display of simplicity and uniqueness to show off the kind of branding Campbell Ewald is capable of. You can’t help, but appreciate the great website design!

Elegance and organization come together to create a beautiful visual experience for users who visit Campbell Ewald. A monochromatic color scheme complements both aspects to give users a pleasant experience.

Campbell Ewald is a best website design in the Advertising, Arts & recreation and Professional Services industries.

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