Shenkman Capital Professional Homepage

Shenkman Capital is a leader in credit research and high yield investment management, and also possesses one of the most unique brands in the industry. Typically, when it comes to finance, some important keywords are trust, stability, expertise, and seriousness. The Shenkman Capital website captures those aspects, but also introduces a very unique perspective and creativity that is not likely to be seen elsewhere.

Shenkman Capital Professional Menu Design

The concept that drives the artwork and messaging is the idea of the Shenkman way staying the test of time. The homepage features a 'monument' based on the icon of the Shenkman logo as an obelisk chiselled from stone that is able to withstand the seasons - a perfect metaphor for the environment of the financial market. The concept of the logo goes back to the idea of the market being a place that can go up, down - and even sideways - and it's important to portray that in the design. In viewing the interior pages, the user will be able to take a journey and see the icon being built, planned, and other events.

Shenkman Capital Professional Website Design

While the campaign style of artwork is very colorful, metaphoric, and bold, the user interface is more subtle and classic featuring a dark backdrop and sans serif font. This strikes a nice juxtaposition of creative thinking and a steadfast methodology of doing business.

Shenkman Capital is a professional website design in the Banking & Finance industry.