Vimeo Best Website Design

The most exciting way to share your life, your thoughts and your ideas are to create visually enticing videos that help connect your audience with whatever you are trying to create. The problem is finding the right hosting service so you can share your videos without ads, at their best quality, and easily.

Enter: Vimeo. With a state of the art hosting system, Vimeo works to help you make the most out of your hard work.

Diversity is key to Vimeo’s website design, as they present a collection of information to you in a condensed space. Wanting to hook you from the moment you hit the homepage, Vimeo chooses a stunning, natural photograph that has you instantly imagining what it would be like to see a sky full of hot air balloons… and you can! The photograph is partnered with a video that’s stunning.

As you move down the homepage, Vimeo chooses to alternate between featured video images that are sure to catch your eye and solid colored backgrounds meant to put a series of text statements as the center of your focus. It’s a great way to create variations on the page while both visually enticing you and sharing select information to hook you.

Vimeo Organized Website Design

Need to see Vimeo’s hosting system in use to determine if it’s right for you? Head over to one of the many options for gallery pages that they offer you.

With a heavy focus on letting you explore and make your own journey of how their website impacts you, Vimeo puts together extensive galleries for you to peruse. Row after row after for of videos are neatly lined down the page. The tight formation makes it easy for you digest each row of videos as you search for ones with content that interests you.

The empty background means your focus is entirely on the collection of colorful teaser images for each video that covers the page. It’s a busy display, but it serves a purpose. The conglomerate is a fantastic way to introduce you to lots of videos in a short amount of time.

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Vimeo Website About Page

A visual-based product, it’s no wonder that Vimeo relies heavily on the use of creative visual displays to showcase the usefulness of their website, the way it can benefit you, and more.

Colorful illustrations alternate down the page in a zigzag manner. Their large size and cartoonish designs are playful, creatively accenting the vividness on the page.

It’s a great choice of an element to accompany what could otherwise be called a dull to read a section on the product page. The choice adds variety to the clean-cut page, making it easier for Vimeo to hold your attention as you go.

Colors in vivid shades combine with strong visual elements to create a website that’s both electric and thrilling to partake in. Playing to their strength, Vimeo uses stunning photographs and videos to draw you in and show you the benefits of using their platform.

Vimeo is an organized website design in the Entertainment and Technology industries. 

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