Burger King Colorful Website Design

For the past 70+ years, Burger King has been one of the biggest names in fast food. Not all businesses make the transition into the social media and internet age, but Burger King has been a pro at leveraging both.

Their home page opens to a video of a burger patty on the grill. The high-resolution video quality shows the subtle sizzling of the patty, sure to drive even the staunchest vegetarian wild.

The video is hosted by a slider. Once it ends, you can click through the other images which feature marketing for some of BK’s products. Playful sans serif typeface combined with spirited illustrations and on-brand images truly pack a marketing punch.

White negative space beneath the slider frames some of BK’s social media posts, most of which highlight special deals. The special deals serve as a concrete way to add value to the user’s life, a surefire path to gaining more followers.

An orange navigation bar at the top of the screen enshrines the iconic Burger King logo. Social media icons and navigation links are organized in the bar. The fun, bold typeface in different colors appears throughout the web page.

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Burger King Colorful Product Page

No one can turn down a good deal, so the offers page is a great attraction to the website, as well as a way to reduce the bounce rate. The page features minimal copy, just coupons with enticing pictures of the food. The deal on each printable coupon appears in red, drawing the user’s attention.

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Burger King Colorful Product Page

You might think that Burger King’s burgers are iconic enough to speak for themselves, but the web page still features landing pages for their menu items. With three different typefaces and a high-resolution image of the item, the landing pages are visually dynamic. They also host allergy and nutrition information, adding real-time value to the user experience.

The BK burger needs no introduction, but in today’s world, every business needs an online platform. With playful website design, Burger King cultivates a cheeky tone while organizing information that’s actually useful for the user.

Burger King is a colorful website design in the Food & Beverage industry.

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