Origin Coffee Roasters’ Website Design

Origin Coffee Roasters’ Web Design Surprises Visitors With Incredible Art by Using Clean, Minimalist Layout

At first sight, this website is like many other modern designs that rely on simplicity and vast positive space to communicate with the browsers. But Design agency Eastside Co ensures that customers are entertained with many easter egg visuals hidden behind the minimalist drapes. Working hand in hand with Aside Studios, the agency brought another shining example of why streamlined minimalism still reigns supreme in contemporary website design.

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The website design turns browsing products into

satisfying art exhibition. Built on a Shopify platform, with many custom elements, it's a highly efficient shop front and storytelling platform. As you hover over any of the listings, you trigger a cursor effect that turns the dull, colorless image into a vibrant illustration that expands to the frame's borders. And as you continue browsing the website, you'll also encounter minimal, monochromatic treats that are as intriguing.

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Genuine approach

The Website’s About Section Helps the Brand Surpass the Typical Seller’s Image

The website directs its visitors to an alluring and informative About page that tells the Origin's Story.

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The page displays a thorough, linear, and intimate story that takes you through the brand's timeline, letting you travel to humble its beginnings. Reading the story makes you aware of the true passion for brewing top-quality coffee behind the brand.

As you scroll through the page, you'll see an engaging video that showcases one of their stores. It effectively shows the store's relaxing atmosphere as the video pans to people enjoying a conversation while sipping their coffee.

You can also learn about the brand's social responsibility as Origin Coffee Roasters strives to help reach a more sustainable planet.

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Extensive menu

Origin Coffee Roasters’ Website Prioritizes Customers Through Its Navigable Design

The design focuses on informing the customers about the brand and the products over aggressive product placements. The agency opted for a sticky navigation bar at the top so visitors can easily browse and jump to other pages.

The navbar features menu options for Coffee, Gifts, Equipment, and Learn that automatically expand when you hover over them. Most professional website designers use this feature to ensure seamless navigation through the site.

The Coffee menu is the site's highlight, as it instantly displays coffee options by type or by brew method used for customers' convenience. And once you choose a specific product, you gain access to an incredibly detailed information chart that lets you ensure you picked the right one. Aside from the origin and producer information, the customer can also learn about the shipping methods through short, concise content just below the price tag.

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Futuristic and Origin(al)

Origin Coffee Roasters’ Website Design Inspires Future Coffee Brewers Grow

Apart from offering coffee, equipment, and gifts, the brand's web design also provides a learning space for coffee connoisseurs. The Learn section in the navbar encourages customers to know more about coffee and the industry through guides and courses.

This feature reinforces the notion that the brand surpasses the limitations of your average retail option. The design offers a wide variety of options, so you feel prompted to subscribe and not only enjoy your pure coffee every week but also enter a new community that will help you understand the theory behind it.

Overall, Origin Coffee Roasters' website design deserves the Best Website Design Award for its dedication to offering a convenient browsing experience, aesthetically pleasing visuals, and informative content.

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