Cédric Pereira Creative Website Design

Young adulthood is one of those chaotic and exciting times when reality is evolving and identity is uncertain. The air is full of promise and potential. One talented, young artist from Paris is using this young adulthood to shape digital reality, developing an artistic identity sure to impact the Digital Age. Cédric Pereira is a rising digital designer who has dabbled in a range of creative projects as a freelancer, intern, and student. This site tells his story.

Interactivity is central to the work Pereira has created, and the site design reflects that. Soft pastels fill the visual space on the home page, where users can click through a portfolio of Pereira’s work aligned in a horizontal slide display. A single descriptive word or phrase indicates the intent and time frame of every project.

On each slide, color morphs in reaction to a user’s mouse movements, revealing a sharp photograph of the project content, pulling the user into the experience. Pairing rectangular text boxes with abstract shapes gives users a sense of Pereira’s grasp on both order and creativity in the digital sphere.

Cédric Pereira Creative Project Portfolio

As users explore the project portfolio, they are greeted by subtle thematic consistency that ties diverse displays into a coherent whole. Font colors match moving graphics, and the site maintains a minimalistic palette with stark white backdrops accentuating bold images of digital works.  

Although users can click between projects throughout the experience, the interface is structured by a design that allows them to keep scrolling, discovering more samples from the portfolio sections. Single buttons at the top of each page easily direct users to the place they began or to a simple, descriptive narrative about Pereira’s journey and his future endeavors. On the whole, the UX is personal and interesting, connecting users cleanly with this young artist’s mind and subtly suggesting his skill and promise.

Cédric Pereira is a creative website design in the Technology and Professional Services industries.