Coax Great Homepage

Coax is a digital design and web development company that promises unique, exploratory design in everything they create. They like to push the limits on what was previously thought possible or appropriate for a site, and they do so in a way that reaches new levels of effectiveness and user impact.

Their own home page provides a great endorsement of their abilities, constructing a deep space feel with abstract shapes that convey a strong sense of depth and creativity. They’re rounded, fun, and a deep shade of blue, conjuring up an image of imagination and limitless creativity.

Additionally, to the right of the page, you’ll see a vertical menu that details the specific categories of their services. This not only provides relevant information for users, but it’s also a navigational mechanic. Users can click on any one of the icons to be taken to that particular category. The designer of the page has created an evocative, abstract space that reinforces Coax’s creative brand, while still providing a practical user interface.

Coax Great Pricing Page

When a user clicks on one of the previously mentioned categories, they’re taken away to a page like this, which highlights the approach Coax takes to that particular category of content. On the “About” page, users can learn about the specific approach Coax will take to their project and their pricing models, before moving on to a more personal space by clicking the “Estimation” button in the center of the page. This is an excellent, albeit stripped-back, user interface that focuses on taking care of business, rather than an unnecessarily complicated design. People come to Coax to get work done, so Coax’s site’s UX needs to be strongly business-oriented.

Coax Great Website Design

This is the form-style interface for Coax’s Project Estimation tool. Users can enter a variety of information about a potential project, and the estimation tool will spit out a time frame and hypothetical budget for the work. The estimation process continues to focus the UX around conducting business, pushing the image further by creating a more interactive, personalized experience. In order to keep the brand and the UX from growing stale, the designer brought as many interactive tools to the website as possible. By renewing user interest with this intermutual tool, the designer has maintained both brand and user engagement.

Coax is a top website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.