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Eurovet’s Tech-Focused Website Design Exudes Sophistication And Excellence

Eurovet is a producer of veterinary products in Russia that's been in business since 1998. To this day, this group provides high-end, cutting-edge drugs, supplements and technological products to agricultural enterprises across Russia.

They are backed by notable agricultural holdings including Cherkisovo, Rusagro, and Belaya Ptitsa, and are known for products that promote healthy, innovative farming across the country.

Their products and services are qualified, experienced, certified and fully supported by data that back up the superiority of the veterinary products that they offer. The brand prides itself on their one-of-a-kind products, world-class status and extensively tested solutions.

This is a forward-thinking brand that focuses on the animals being farmed, and the people doing the farming.

They’ve been in business for 20 years now, but they haven’t halted or slowed in their pursuit towards innovation, efficiency and success.

And to match this mission, the creative team at Eurovet designed a website that holds onto that same experience, innovation and sophistication.

Their digital interface is very reminiscent of a 90s website, but with modern and scientific influences that promote the brand and its product in a clean, modern and authentic way.

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Eurovet Contact Website Design

The Eurovet Web Design Integrates Scientific Information To Position Itself As An Industry Leader

Eurovet is a leader in the field of veterinary technology and supplements. They are a brand heavily steeped in scientific inquiry, technological advancement and creative innovation to make the agriculture industry run more efficiently.

To match this innovative and futuristic dedication, the resulting web design is extremely modern, scientific and technological in nature.

The main colors used in this design are white, grey and green. It’s very clear-cut. It’s very clean. It’s very sleek and minimal.

The green looks like the green used in coding — like you’re looking through a site’s technological backbone and dissecting it. It feels almost retro — like the web designs of the 90s, only much cleaner and more modern.

There’s an organic nature to this green used, and this overall design. It pulls from scientific influences in a way that promotes excellence, professionalism and technological advancement.

The graphs used throughout the design are clean and simple, and have a very technical vibe to them. They are made up of straight lines, clear circles and sans-serif copy that is emotionless and blunt.

The layout is equally concise and clear. It’s clean. It’s futuristic. It’s contemporary. Blocks of text and geometric illustrations break up the separate sections in a way that is focused, dedicated and straightforward. It’s simple, but it’s also engaging.

There’s a creativity in this design in its clear alignment with the sciences. Of course, this is a brand that creates extremely technical and scientific products, so the theme fits perfectly.

Eurovet About Page Website Design

Eurovet’s Interface Is Intuitive And Interactive

Not only does this website design pull from scientific, technical influences in its color choice, illustrations and layout, but it adds a layer of playfulness that heightens the tech-focused nature of the design in its interactive animations.

The site clearly lays out its products, services and other vital information in a way that is intuitive and strong. They are clearly displayed, and movement heightens the engagement beautifully.

Circular, graph-like animations clearly display the animals these products are used for and illustrate the thought and technology that goes into creating these innovative solutions. Scrolling moves some of these images, while others urge you to physically interact by clicking, dragging and dropping icons.

This movement is minimal, but it is extremely engaging and gives consumers a clear picture as to how this brand and its solutions can help them.

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Eurovet Home Page Cow Website Design

Eurovet’s Website Design Emphasizes Leadership & Authority Through An Interactive And Technological Nature

The Eurovet website is modern, sleek and technical. It’s an informative design that plays with scientific and technological influences to promote the brand and its leadership in the field of veterinary products.

From the light green color that looks like the green used in lines of data, to the very geometric and technical, linear shapes that outline the products across the site, this web design screams sophistication and modernity.

This is a clean, clear and almost bionic looking design that shows the brand’s commitment to innovation, data-driven results and futuristic solutions. It’s a brand that is living in the future, and this website design emphasizes that in it’s modern and clean colors, shapes and styles.

And the added layer of interactivity and engagement further propels this design into the future. This design play with intuitive scrolling, interactive movement and playful elements to get consumers involved.

This is a B2B website that still feels approachable while still holding its integrity and strength. It’s powerful, forceful and resilient.

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