Cultural Solutions Colorful Homepage

Cultural Solutions UK is an independent organization dedicated to helping research, plan, and create events for organizations that are actively advancing art, culture, and economic development. They work with both local and private organizations. Cultural Solutions UK prides themselves in taking an intellectual and creative approach to every project they take on, and their website certainly showcases that strategy.

From the very moment visitors reach the landing page, a strategically placed banner explains how their website won a “Site of the Day” award for its beautiful appearance. The circle graphics on the landing page move slightly as visitors shift their cursor around the page, drawing attention to the title of the website and the description of what the company does. Despite the circular skeuomorphism menu available at the top of the page, Cultural Solutions UK makes use of a simplified one page, deep scroll format.

Cultural Solutions Colorful Website Design

Cultural Solutions UK utilizes a negative space of varying shades of gray. Within the negative space, the organization features a design created from circles both big and small. Main points on each segment of the page are in designated colored circles. The selected typography is common and easy to read, allowing visitors to breeze through the various text boxes. The dynamic combination is professional and artistic as a way to show off the company’s skills.

Cultural Solutions Elegant Website Design

Cultural Solutions UK uses an up-to-date news platform for visitors to keep up with what the organization is currently doing. The website places a number of Flickr photos symmetrically organized on the right side of the page, as well as a link to the company’s profile on the photo sharing site so that visitors can get an idea of what kinds of events the organization holds. They also offer a list of “current” projects they are working on, and they showcase where users can see their completed work.

Cultural Solutions Elegant Forms Design

Once ready to contact Cultural Solutions UK to inquire about working with them, visitors are able to access a pop-up plugin form. The form maintains the general theme of the site, with its grayscale color scheme and simple font style.

As a whole, the website design for Cultural Solutions UK is playful and vibrant, capturing the attention of users with bright, interactive graphics and easy-to-follow organization. The company manages to showcase their perfectly professional skill set, while still maintaining a level of fun and excitement for visiting users.

Cultural Solutions is a colorful website design in the Non-Profit industry.