Brandwidth Amazing Homepage

Brandwidth is an innovative, award-winning agency that partners with some of the biggest brands in the world. As a result, their website design is highly professional and cleanly put together.

Upon coming to the company’s homepage, potential clients are presented with a slider of projects Brandwidth has worked on.

Combined sans-serif and serif fonts are used to define the meaning of the projects, creating an elegant appearance, while the use of sharp photographs draws in potential customers. The slider is manipulated at will with the use of tiny buttons on the right side of the page.

Potential clients are given immediate access to the menu as it is an integrated part of the home page. The sidebar menu occupies a slim space on the left-hand side.

The white background makes the company’s scrawled logo pop. Beneath the logo, each page name is laid out in an elegant serif font. To differentiate between pages, each page being viewed is colored gold rather than the standard black of the standing pages.

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Brandwidth Amazing News Page

Potential clients have the ability to review a variety of news articles, client insights, and more about Brandwidth through a single page utilizing an infinite scroll for continuous loading. Articles are organized by date in three columns, with the use of a grey background for negative space evenly around each article. Each article or insight includes a sample image in combination with a sneak preview of the article, enticing and drawing site users in.

Brandwidth Amazing Portfolio Page

Presented in a vibrant display of photographs, Brandwidth utilizes a side-by-side grid format to showcase the number of projects they have worked on.

The grid makes use of the photograph edges as its borders. Photographs become labeled with the name of the company as well as the name of the project when potential clients place the cursor over a photograph.

All in all, Brandwidth's website design shows strength in high-resolution images, an easy-to-access menu, and clear organization. 

Brandwidth is an amazing website design in the Professional Services and Advertising industries.

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