Daesk Colorful Homepage

Daesk is a freelance service that aggregates skilled workers from across the world, and shares this resource with their clients. This company operates with two faces, they need to appeal to talented freelancers to join their ranks, and they need to appeal to businesses that need some sort of service.

This homepage is designed in such a way that reinforces the core branding of the company, while also speaking this brand to both markets they’re trying to reach. The image above is actually a video of a busy office, with employees hustling about their work, focused on the task at hand. This video creates a sense of movement, productivity, and professionalism, all of which endears Daesk to both markets. This is an example of how subtle revolutions in web technology can be used to create a truly sensory and branded experience. The implementation of this video as the backdrop to Daesk’s home screen evokes productivity to clients and employment to freelancers.

Daesk Dynamic Menu Design

This “About” page not only continues the site’s brand experience but also implements a dynamic menu design. By designing this “About” page to highlight individuals involved in all stages of the company’s service, the designer is again creating a branded experience of work and productivity.

Users are now able to see first hand how they’ll fit into the Daesk process, and walk away with an impression of Daesk as personalized, human, and hard-working. Additionally, the unique menu design you see at the top of the page continues the site’s motif of movement. Just as the homepage highlighted the movement of the video, this page’s left/right and up/down rotating menu brings some much-needed fluidity to the otherwise stagnant page.

Daesk Clean About Page

This “About” page continues the regularly occurring motion throughout the sight, while again using the features of its design to promote a singular brand experience. As users scroll through the page, the various graphics move and change accordingly.

For example, the yellow circle seen above transforms into a setting sun as users scroll. What’s more, within the body of text, there are select words that users can click on and prompt a specific Gif to appear. This little note of humor and fun brings a sense of humanity that further reinforces Daesk’s image as a human centered company. This page is indicative of how multifaceted web design can cultivate a unique brand experience that customers immediately buy into and remember.

Daesk is a colorful website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.