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Want to hit the slopes skiing, but don’t know what you’re doing? No worries! Carv has you covered with its state-of-the-art audio coaching designed to help you become the best you can be at skiing!

Taking ski education to an entirely unheard of level, Carv brings you a minimal platform to learn about their product. The single page is all you need to learn about the Carv app and inserts. As if pulling from the idea of snow, the website design takes on a snowy white and pale grey combination as the foundation. The white text boxes guide you down the page through each segment of information presented.

Text effects become a useful tool in adding variety to the page, giving you something to build your already increasing intrigue as you scroll. Texts braid together on the page or fade into appearance with every section you move through, coming to your attention suddenly. It’s a unique way to keep you hanging on as you wait for more information, knowing it will rather quickly.

As they’re debuting an unheard of concept, Carv relies on product imagery to explain to you what you’re investing in. The dark coloring of the product itself stands in stark contrast to the snowy backdrop. The inclusion of real-life in-app visuals drives home the concept for you. They’re sharp, making it easy for you to see the kind of experience you can expect on your phone when you’re up on the slopes.

Helping make the biggest impact, Carv includes lifestyle video clips you can watch. There’s nothing like watching the product in full use to convince you of how dynamic this product is! Turn up your volume to be fully immersed for several minutes into the life of skiers who swear by Carv.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you… hit up the bottom of the page for a slider of product tester testimonials. Real faces and real names come together to let you know what using Carv is like. Each testimonial is organized in its own block to separate it from others. Testimonials are kept brief, giving you the chance to move from box to box quickly and make the most of what others are saying.

Carv, while still in the final stages of release, wants users to be ready to invest in something phenomenal so they’ve put together a simplistically informative website. The reliance on imagery and video clips create a visually inclusive user experience that sheds light on how exciting their new product is.

Carv is a bright website design in the Sports & Leisure, E-Commerce & Retail and Technology industries. 

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