Dean Ifrach Clean Homepage

Independent creative director, Dean Ifrach, used a basic approach to his web design. He didn't overcrowd his site with unnecessary content or uninformative junk. The single page site is an innovative online resume, offering an original technique to UX interface.

The home page begins with a black background, and it’s arranged like the opening header of a resume. Ifrach uses colors, underlining, and highlighting to attract users to his services. A simple arrow with the command, “See how,” encourages users to keep scrolling down the page.

Dean Ifrach Clean About Page

Each of Ifrach’s pages are asymmetrical, with all of the content aligned to the right. The typography is attractive, and the featured serif font mimics that of a typewriter. The black menu bar exhibits interesting, eye-catching page titles, such at “WTF.” Users can click on a menu title, and the site will automatically scroll to that selected section. The right side of the menu bar includes an e-mail address and links to Ifrach’s social media pages.

Dean Ifrach Clean Website Design

Ifrach’s featured blog is simple, but attention-grabbing. The plain, white background draws awareness to the central articles. The layout isn’t busy, so users are prepared to focus on the content without any distractions.

Overall, Dean Ifrach’s website is nothing more than a minimalist concept. He maintains this very well, as the content is compelling and well-written. Ifrach keeps the experience simple by using the single site scroll, and he captures users within the first few seconds, never exaggerating the website’s purpose.

Dean Ifrach is a clean website design in the Professional Services and Technology industries.