Descartes Private Experience Web Design

Standout features:

  • Classy fonts and color
  • Background video above the fold
  • A well-delivered program page for every tour

Descartes is a Russian travel agency that specializes in high-end, luxurious tours and tourist arrangements. To match the business’ glitzy character, Dvoe Design has delivered a website experience that doesn’t leave anything to be desired in terms of opulence, class, and grandeur.

Copper and white are the two most dominant colors that provide plenty of breathing space for remarkably succinct messaging. Serif fonts used in headlines use italic style to emphasize certain phrases, while expertly edited images of travel destinations evoke wanderlust in visitors.

A dedicated page for every individual travel arrangement consists of easy-to-follow content and attractive photography before the visitor is given the option to leave their contact details so that a representative can contact them.

At the footer of every page, more useful contact links pointing to Descartes’ social media pages prove useful if the visitor wishes to indulge in the more visual splendor of the company’s travel offerings.

Get a chance to become the next Design Award winner.