Quechua Gorgeous Menu

Quechua is a popular outdoors company providing high-quality equipment at affordable prices. As the user lands on the lookbook, they are greeted by a stunning, full screen photograph of the mountains, reminding the user of what the true goal of their purchase is, getting into the great outdoors.

Rather than being organized by male, female, or children, the lookbook features sections are differentiated by sport. A menu on the opening page allows the user to choose their sport, or scroll through the entire collection.

The Quechua online lookbook, serves as a brilliant retake on the classic catalogue. The deep scroll layout paired with high-resolution images of outdoor scenes entice the user into scrolling deeper and deeper into the web page, until they’ve viewed the entire collection.

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Quechua Gorgeous Gallery

Unlike a traditional catalogue, models are seen using the equipment and wearing the clothes in nature, rather than in a photoshoot setting. To infect users with the travel bug and add interesting texture to the web page, the nature scenes are from across the world. Information about each location is provided to the side.

One might think that this doesn’t allow the user to properly see the products. That’s why action photos are paired with stand alone images spotlighting the products. Clever shadowing makes each featured item look three dimensional, adding interesting dimension to the page.

Always keeping the user in mind, Quechua makes it easy for the user to purchase a desired item from the lookbook. A button beneath each item directs the user to a page where the product can be easily purchased. Keeping things transparent, the price is always displayed visibly on the lookbook. When your prices are as good as Quechua’s, this serves as another major selling point for the products.

There’s a lot of competition on the market for outdoor goods, so it can be hard to standout. Quechua’s deep scroll website populated with awe-inspiring photos of nature, actually inspires users to use their products. With prominently featured competitive pricing, Quechua’s lookbook is sure to get the job done.  

Quechua is a gorgeous website design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.

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