Cheval Blanc Beautiful Website Design

Cheval Blanc is a high-end resort in the Maldives. With striking photography and elegant design, the Cheval Blanc web page easily conveys the kind of luxury experience they can offer.

The Cheval Blanc homepage has no scroll function. This less common choice focuses the attention of the user on the main attraction of the page, the high-resolution photography. The slideshow of stunning photographs showcases the nuances of visiting Cheval Blanc as well as the magnitude of the surrounding natural splendors. Small details that make Cheval Blanc stand out like embroidered towels are spotlighted in the sideshow.

To the left, the Cheval Blanc logo appears against dark gray negative space. The silhouette of a white, dancing stallion is the central image. As the cursor hovers over the logo, it changes into a different, but similar logo, adding movement and interaction to the page.

A menu icon set against yellow negative space draws the eye of the user. On clicking the button, a dark gray navigation bar extends from it, connecting the menu icon and the logo in one line.

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Cheval Blanc Beautiful Gallery Page

Clicking one of the links from the navigation bar does not take the user to a different page; rather, the desired page drops down from the homepage slider. Arrows beneath the copywriting help the user to navigate upwards or downwards. Each section of copywriting is accompanied by a slider with several pictures that spotlight the striking blue waters of the Maldives.

Cheval Blanc Beautiful Product Page

The landing pages for Cheval Blanc’s restaurants echo the same format of the other pages. An asymmetrical pattern of copywriting and sliders capture the user in the artistry of their culinary delights.

Small details, like a horse made from cocoa powder on top of a latte, show what makes Cheval Blanc so special. Bright colored images against the white negative space echo the color schemes of the white sand beaches and carry on the clean, yet colorful color pallette. Small details, and clean, colorful design spotlight what makes a visit to Chaval Blanc a once in a lifetime experience.

Cheval Blanc is a beautiful website design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.

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