Auberge Internationale Colorful Homepage

Auberge Internationale De Quebec is an affordable, yet trendy hostel in Quebec City. With bright colors and cheerful illustrations, Auberge Internationale manages to perfectly convey this through their website.

The home page certainly packs a colorful punch. Orange, Auberge’s signature color, immediately grabs the eye of the user. A bright photograph to the right reflects similar hues and shows young people hanging out in the hostel. A white navigation bar at the top of the screen provides sticky navigation while playing host to the hostel’s logo. The logo echoes the orange and blue color scheme seen throughout the web page.

Scrolling through the deep scroll home page, a number of features will be sure to catch the user’s eye. Their news section spotlights an award they just won, while a social media wall shows off candid pictures of life at the hostel. Just beneath, a soothing blue background showcases testimonials. Throughout the pages on the website, childlike illustrations of scenes of Quebec City can be seen, adding a cohesive, playful element to the website.

Auberge Internationale Colorful Gallery Page

Through the navigation bar or backlinks integrated into the home page, the user can explore available rooms. Copy is kept down to just a few sentences here or there. High resolution photographs of the rooms highlight the hostel’s unique charm. Rather than writing about the amenities that the hotel can offer, cheerful animations convey this information adding dynamic movement to the page.

Auberge Internationale Colorful About Page

On the About page, copywriting is also kept to a minimum. Most of the information needed about Auberge Internationale is told through animations. The movement and bright colors of the animations immediately draw the eye of the user, serving to highlight the key selling points of the hostel. Letting the users speak for themselves, near the bottom, reviews from trusted websites are posted in a banner.

With bold colors and fun illustrations, Auberge Internationale captures the youthful experience of staying in a hostel. Although the designers of this web page certainly paid careful attention to aesthetics, key selling features like awards and reviews are still prominently displayed.

Auberge Internationale is a colorful website design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.