Joi Design Clean Homepage

Joi Design is a design firm that focuses heavily on sleek, innovative interior design projects for offices, hotels and residential buildings.

To attain this goal, every detail about their website design is depicted as equally sleek as the work they produce. The company makes use of the homepage to showcase the latest news and projects they have been working on.

Scrolling down the page, the company uses sliding effects to bring articles in from both the left and the right side of the page. Articles are presented with a vibrant image to catch attention and a brief title to label the article. Each article is tagged by its content as either News or Project.

Joi Design Clean News Page

Additionally, potential clients can find more news articles about Joi Design through the small header menu at the top of each page.

News articles are organized by newest to oldest, and presented in a single line straight down the center of the page, with a strong use of white negative space on either side. This creates a clean presentation that is easy to navigate.

Each article follows the same format by using the header image. Beneath the header image, a sans serif font is used in various sizes to present the date, article title and a blurb from the article itself.

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Joi Design Clean About Page

Joi Design combines illustrations with words to introduce potential clients to the philosophy of the company.

Creatively, the company puts together a mathematical equation to show off their process when they work with any client. Scrawled in handwriting, the illustration gives off a personal feel.

Underneath the illustration, the company combines a serif font header with sans serif writing to create an informative page.

The writing is left-aligned while still being centered on the page. The white negative space makes the pale black wording pop on the page, making the text easier to read.

Joi Design is a clean website design in the Arts & Recreation and Professional Services industries.

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