Zand Studio Great Homepage Design

Looking for the right company to create a sleek and elegant website for you? Turn to Zand Studio and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Creating a dynamic website design that speaks volumes as to what the company can create, the homepage opens with a high-resolution black-and-white photograph of a mountaintop. Leaning to the right side of the page, the company employs a gradient color box that creates a pass-through effect over the photograph and adds a splash of color to the homepage.

To the left of the pass-through box, the photograph is embossed with the company name. An introductory message is written out in a sans-serif font, covering half of the pass-through and drawing the user’s attention.

Using an innovative spin on their design, the company minimizes the pages for the website by creating a slider to guide users through the site. The slider navigates users left and right through the homepage and portfolio pages.

From the homepage slider, users have the ability to expand on to a number of Zand Studio’s portfolio pieces. Each portfolio page pulls upon the colors utilized in the project. Greeting the user, the website employs a colorful text box, through which users learn about what the project and its challenges were. The text box is centered on the page, surrounded by a texturized negative space pulling from the design created for the client. As users scroll down the page, a number of high-resolution images are embedded in a single line down the center of the page. 

Letting their website speak for itself, Zand Studio takes a minimalistic approach to their About page. Utilizing a blurred negative space, the company centers their name on the page before offering several paragraphs about the company. These paragraphs are center-aligned within the page and use a white sans-serif font.

Zand Studio uses their amazing website design to the next level as they showcase brilliant imagery combined with an elegant font. It's easy-to-use platform guides users through the website to showcase how the company can better help them.