Etienne Godiard Colorful Homepage

Etienne Godiard is a digital designer and graphic modeling expert, specializing in the creation of stunning digital works that cross between commercial and artistic. His works are largely three-dimensional, and his specialty is more focused in digital modeling than anything else.

Etienne Godiard’s home page presents users with a responsive, interactive mechanic that immediately introduces the kind of work Godiard does, while also showcasing his resume. Users can click the up and down arrows, located on the top and bottom of the page, to oscillate the image in the center. Each image is a visual sample of a project he’s completed, and they have been strategically selected to showcase his range of abilities and consistent quality of work. On the two sides of the page, users can click to learn more about Godiard or see his works presented in a more traditional format. This mechanic allows users to experience the site their own way, with a genuine sense of autonomy and control. The designer has created an engaging UX that makes the navigation of his portfolio fun and inviting.

Etienne Godiard Colorful Website Design

Once users select a project from the sliding collection on the home page, they’ll be taken to a page like the one shown above. Here, the color of the site changes, but the UI stays largely the same. Now, when users click through the vertical slider, they’ll see more images from the particular project they selected for viewing. By slightly altering the aesthetic of the page, but maintaining the UI as largely the same, the designer has created a seamless sense of immersion that exclusively foregrounds Godiard’s work. The purpose of the site is to experience his work.

Etienne Godiard Colorful About Page

A single page of text represents Godiard’s “About” page. Again, the UI stays completely the same, except for the body of text that has now replaced the visual portfolio. Interestingly, Godiard still imbues this textual page with a certain visual aesthetic, switching color between black and white. It gives the dense text a little more dynamism, while once again showcasing his talent for creating visual experiences. The integrity of the immersion is maintained, and users remain engaged in the dynamic experience of the text.

Etienne Godiard is a colorful website design in the Professional Services industry.